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Originally posted by 220-9er:
...My understanding is that they are taught a somewhat different version of the story than we are.

That was true 25 years ago, I doubt it's changed. The Ministry of Education tightly controls the content of school books.

I was assigned (as an Army civilian) to an ammo depot in Kure, just outside of Hiroshima, 1989-93. We lived off post in a typical Japanese neighborhood, the people were great. We often went to the Peace Park in Hiroshima, our daughter loved feeding the pigeons, we ate at the McDonalds in town. At the time, the museum's theme was the war began in August of 1945 when we dropped that nasty bomb. No mention of anything that led to the bombing. It's been 25 years since we left Japan, the museum may now be more objective.

Never did we encounter any hostility, not in the Peace Park, not at Nagasaki, in train stations, or anywhere. Just the opposite. Younger Japanese would often approach us to ask if we needed assistance, that way they got to practice their English. They were amused when our toddler daughter would chatter away in Japanese she learned from her friends in the neighborhood.

Yeah, every Aug 6 Hiroshima has a big memorial ceremony, but don't take that as hostility.
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For those who are interested in this, there is an interesting account of these issues at National Review.

Understanding Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 73 Years Later By Dan McLaughlin

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