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I've only lived in 2 states. I've been to all lower 48 states in the last 5 years.

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Been to all except Alaska. Was fortunate to have a job when I was young where I traveled 3 weeks out of every month. All over a 10 year period. Got lots of free time too so I could see pretty much everything I wanted. It was an eye opener for a 20 something young man.

I have lived in 2 States with a vacation home/retirement home in a third.
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Lived in Virginia my whole life.

Not visited:

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Washington.


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Live in 4 and been to 30 states plus 11 countries
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I've been to 37 states. Lived in 1. Went to Canada one afternoon (Waterton).

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16 that I can remember visiting, and I’ve lived in OK, CO two times, and TX three times.

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Lived in 8 states, visited 28 states, several US territories, 1 Canadian province and several countries. Nothing beats home.
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Lived in 8 different states, lived in 3 of those more than once. They were repeats. While I've driven through many states going coast to coast mainly and outside of port visits up the east coast, I could count on one hand the states I've spent more than 24 hours in while visiting.

I've never lived overseas but have visited 24 different countries. Some were repeat visits.
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I've lived in 6 states and 1 Canadian province. To be fair, I've lived in 3 separate regions in Texas that are so far apart it'd be 3 separate states in most of the country.

I've been to 45 states and Puerto Rico but have not visited:
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Georgia (spent 45 min in ATL but that doesn't count)
  • South Carolina
  • Maine

    I really need to take a road trip through the Southeast.

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    Only lived in two (Kentucky & Tennessee) but have visited 32.
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    Lived in:

    Have been in all the 50 states on work or visiting plus 32 foreign countries.

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    I have visited or worked in 46, lived my entire life in NJ.

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    1. I have been physically in all 50 US states, DC, Johnston Island, and Puerto Rico.
    2. I have had a residence in AZ, CA, MI, OR, SC, IL, AR, and TX (8).
    3. I have spent more than a month on temporary duty (USAF) in NY, AL, and MS (3 more); also Johnston Island.
    4. I have lived in 3 foreign countries: Canada, Iran, and Germany.
    5. I have visited all but 2 Canadian Provinces, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Greece, Italy (and Vatican City), France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and southern Ireland), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Belize, Honduras (Roatan), and Grand Cayman--and Germany and Iran, of course. (I think that covers them all.)

    I've not yet been anywhere in Africa or South America, but I have a deposit down on an African Safari (photo) next September.

    Being retired, in reasonable health, and with some financial resources has allowed me a lot of travel, beyond what my 20 years in USAF provided.


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    States Lived - 10. Visited - 50.
    Countries lived ( more than 4 years) - 2 (Spain/Germany). Visited - 21.

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    I've lived in 3 states, and been to 40 of the 50.

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    Been to four but only lived in California.

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    Lived in 3.

    CT - 3 times
    PA - once
    TN - 2 times

    Been to 48. I am in 3-5 different states every week. OR an AK are the only states I haven’t been to.

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    Lived in 5
    Washington State

    Been to Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, New Mexico,

    So I have not been to, too many places

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    Looks like I've been to every state except AR, OK, and AL. Should be easy enough to check those off.

    Lived in WA (birth to 6 months), CA, NV, MN, CT, MD, HI, 3 months in NM.

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