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After 30 plus years in LE I've decided to give myself a semi-retirement gift of an Omega Seamaster. This is purely a subjective choice because after all my research, I simply want one. I'll never dive with it or use it to it's capabilities.

Im having trouble deciding between the 300M and the Planet Ocean. The new 300s have a textured face I'm not really impressed by, but I'm not sure what PO offers that the other does not, so expert/owner advice is welcome.

I'm assuming that purchasing from an authorized dealer is preferred over a grey-market deal, even though it pushes my budget right to the limit and a little beyond.

FWIW, this watch will go into rotation with a Ball Night Train, an Apple and a Casio worn at work when bad things are expected to happen.

Thanks for any and all input
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I've owned both, the newer Omegas are really coming into their own. Just recently I spent some time driving around to some different watch stores to look at the Omega Seamaster 300M on the rubber strap - with the date at 6 o'clock.

I also liked the PO on the rubber strap, the 43mm version.

In the end, I couldn't decide and ended up buying a pre-owned; but almost new, Tudor Grantour Date. (I had sold one and have been trying to get another one - for some reason, this watch really speaks to me.)

I have read good things about Bernard Watch Co if you are looking to pick up a pre-owned.

Good luck on a tough choice.

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I've had a PO for about 10 years now (wow!) and it's been hands down the most reliable, durable and accurate watch I've had amongst a 7-9 others. I got the smaller version, 42mm I think? I personally liked the face more than any other similar watches as well as the case design and aesthetics. Like you I have never been deeper than ~10' with this.

When I purchased this I found a dealer in Northeast who sold at reasonable rates, ~20% off MSRP as I recall. Located via WUS forum, I suspect they still exist. If you have trouble finding one email me and I'll dig up my receipt from the original box.

Nothing not to like about the PO, and it will last a lifetime. Posting this reminded me of how long I've had this and I need to get it serviced. Never have to date, and it still runs +/- a couple seconds a day. Always has, and the chronometer certification was part of what drew me to it.

Depending on the bezel color you choose you have a lot of options for a "style" standpoint as well. Mine is orange bezel and I got the steel bracelet since I sweat like a pig in summer. Winter I use an OEM black with orange stitching strap or the solid orange one it's on right now. I never got the rubber dive strap, just not my speed.

Good luck with your choice. As always, if you can try on several to see that's a good plan.

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The new Bond SMP 300 is the best looking watch in their line, imo. I don't know if that is in your budget or not.

The SMP is able to be dressed up a little better than the PO, imo, and I like the bronze accents. My ca.2004 SMP has sword hands, which I actually like better than the arrows on the SMP now. The 300M Diver has sword hands.

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When you get narrowed down, I’d give David Troung a call and let him price you one.
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I have a Planet Ocean Large size and it has been perfect. In fact I like it so much I sold all but that watch which is more of a sport watch and a Panerai that is more for dress.

The Omega PO has a 43mm bezel which is great for larger wrists, excellent glass, an in house movement and an exhibition back.

I can't really help you on the 300M.
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I'd go used ... cusp of vintage.

And if your mind is set, then do not look at the new TAG Heuer Autavia line. Wink
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I have the 300M with its iridescent blue wave dial and polished bezel, the larger size. It it absolutely gorgeous.

When I bought it, the only one I could find locally at an authorized dealer was the quartz model, and I'm glad I did. No worries about winding and if I don't wear it for a few days, it still tells the time!

Also, I have a large wrist and it it thin enough to fit under most of my shirt cuffs.

Highly recommended!


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First congratulations on over 30 years in LE.

It all depends on what you like. What is your personal taste.

To me I am not a big fan of the wave dial or the hands. That is just my personal preference.
I have owned a Seamaster Planetocean 600M Chronograph for about 3 1/2 years now. I love the watch.
One of the big reasons I bought it was because it has the orange bezel. It was what caught my eye. I was looking for something different about a watch.
I own a Breitling Avenger ll Seawolf with the yellow dial because that is what caught my eye.
This is one of the reasons I do not own a Rolex Submariner or Deepsea. To me the Rolex looks plain.

Most of mine and my wife's watches have been purchased from an Authorized dealer we know in the Caribbean while on cruises, or from watch resellers we personally know. This is the only way I will buy a watch.

I am a member of the Watchuseek forum. There is a lot of great information over there. You should check it out.
Let us know what you decide.

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Its personal preference, but I much prefer the Planet Ocean to the newer Seamaster 300Ms. I don't like the new wave dial as much as the older ones and the matte dials just don't do it for me.

Now if you mean the retro style 300 Master Coaxial watches, those are the bees knees.

My grail watch is a Speedmaster, but I've got a soft spot for Seamasters.
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Ten years back, maybe more, our local COSTCO had a USED Seamaster Pro the quartz model, that had a scratched bezel and some other scratches on the bracelet. They wanted $1200 for it.It had been purchased, then returned.

I looked at it every time we shopped. Long story short, I ended up buying it for $450.

I called Omega's Service Center and sent it in for a redo. I WISELY included one of my business cards from the Highway Patrol in the box as it has all my contact info.

Got the watch back with a new bezel, either a skillfully repaired bracelet or a new one and a clean up and polish. The charge was under a hundred bucks for the new bezel! That was it. I think whoever serviced it was a supporter of law enforcement and shot me a deal.

I've got an old Rolex Sub, a Fortis Flieger and a few other decent watches from Seiko , Hamilton, etc.

That SMP is my hands down favorite. SO HAPPY I was able to fall into it at a silly low price.

OP #1 Congrats onn retiring! #2 go check oout "One More Watch" on You Tube. I like his reviews and I'm sure he's done the SMP line.

If you simply like the looks and care less about the rest of it....I can relate. A beautiful watch for sure.
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Omega, and many other Swiss brands for that matter, have been reigning in the days of 20%+ off MSRP and driving closer to retail. Discounts are still available but not in the same capacity as 5-10 years ago. Check out Govberg in Philadelphia and Radcliffe in Baltimore (both owned by the same parent) for sales over the phone from an AD. You'll at least save sales tax depending on where you live. Dave Truong is great but he isn't an Omega AD... pre-owned is another story.

I wear a 9 year old Planet Ocean with the cal. 2500C every day that still hasn't been serviced (the shame....) and runs around 0/-2 right now. Hard to beat the performance for the dollar.

One thing to consider is the difference in thickness between the Seamster and PO. The difference is pretty significant depending on the shape and size of your wrist. Congratulations and have fun.
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I've had two Omega Seamaster 300's, one with a black face and one with a white face. Both were excellent watches. They were beautiful and kept time perfectly.

If the OP is gazing at watches on the internet, I recommend going to a mall and looking at the Omegas in the display case and even fondling them a bit. Relative size on your wrist, shininess (for better or worse), shape, design, etc., are best seen and judged in person. For what its worth, POs tend to be really big, and that might not be apparent on the net but will be obvious on your wrist (and is just fine, if you like large watches).

If you've had run-of-the-mill watches, with mineral glass crystals, or heaven forbid the perspex (plexiglas) crystals, you will love having a good watch with a sapphire crystal. That used to be the demarcating feature between expensive watches and everything else. Sapphire is getting cheaper to produce, though, and you can find it on a series of Seiko watches in the $150 range now. Still, it makes a good watch into a very practical thing, since it rarely gets scratched. Low-end watches with scratches on their mineral glass crystals used to drive me crazy.

I bought my Omegas on the internet from one of the established dealers in the US -- JomaShop. Their prices beat the mall prices by 20%. I would not buy one from just anybody on the web, and certainly not a shop outside of the U.S.

When my first Omega got to be about five or six years old, it started losing time - so I found an authorized repair shop - Nesbits, in Seattle -- to clean and repair the watch. They explained that the metal in some key parts gradually stretches from moving against other parts... anyway, they did excellent work and the watch returned to me in perfect shape. But their major service was something like $450, which is par for the course (ask anyone who has had a Rolex maintained).

One final thought: mine were quartz watches, in a line that Omega apparently does not make anymore -- since the market really prefers the self-winding watches. I find self-winding watches to be a pain, because you need to buy a "winder" to keep them wound unless you wear them every day -- or else you have to restart and reset them. Well, some of those quartz Omegas (300's) are available out there "used" and they cost considerably less than the self-winding ones. I realize that self-winding has a lot of snob appeal and a lot of people look down on quartz watches... but quartz watches keep better time!

Good luck with the Omega. Get the one you like! The good news is, your heirs can probably sell it off for more than you paid for it, hopefully many years from now.
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Op. I was in the same boat a number of years ago. I went into a local AD to look over a “Bond” 300M since I really liked the look of it in the Brosnan movies. Of course at that time, Craig was into the role and the 300 M started sharing the stage with the Planet Ocean.

After some deliberation, I wound up with the P.O. since it was the “new hotness”. I got it on the stainless strap. It was my daily use watch for years.

In one of the later Bond movies, he wears an Omega on a NATO Grey banded strap that looked great. I did some more research and wound up buying a handful of NATOs in a variety of colors and designs.

I can change them up as I see fit. Depending on the color choices, I can go flashy or subtle, dress up or dress down, blingy or discreet. Wear them for a bit and wash them and put them back into the rotation.

I retired it a few months back in favor of another one that hadn’t gotten much wrist time. I think it’s time to get it back out, dust it off, and polish it up a bit, before Craig’s curtain call.

Good luck with your choice and congratulations on your retirement!
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Have I mentioned how much I love my SMP? Leather on rubber strap, daily wear for 2 years now and can't find a scratch or dent. +/- 2 seconds a day.

He looked like an accountant or a serial-killer type. Definitely one of the service industries.
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I have had the titanium PO for about 4 years and it is a great watch. The gap has really narrowed between the 300 Dive Pro and the PO so much that it seems the biggest difference is the liquid metal/ceramic bezel on the PO and the PO's much greater water resistance rating. Other than that, it is largely personal choice. If you haven't already, try to see them both together in person at the same time. The technology in the METAS certified chronometer movement in both pieces has to be the best, most durable movement made.

If you haven't already, you may also want to look at the retro-inspired 300 MC. I have that one too and it is my favorite: durable and so versatile. But they are all great watches. Omega 300 MC:

Definitely buy from an AD. You want the factory 5 year warranty. There are ADs you can contact who will discount the price to the point that it is worth it to avoid gray market. I will be glad to email you the two Omega ADs I buy from. They are outstanding.

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You should be able to get an Authorized dealer to come 20% off of msrp if you try hard enough.
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Originally posted by jimmy123x:
You should be able to get an Authorized dealer to come 20% off of msrp if you try hard enough.

Sometimes 25%.

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Yes the PO’s are big, but if you gave smaller wrists, take a look at the 38mm or the newer 39mm ones. I have both the titanium and SS versions in 38mm, and absolutely love them. I have a couple of Aqua Terras too and really like them, but end up wearing the PO’s most every day. Yeah, I’m a big Omega fan Smile

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I Love Omegas, my SM is 20 years old and the AQ 15. Both have been trouble free with the Seamaster getting 80% of my wrist time.
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