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Delusions of Adequacy
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Hey, it could have been a swan!

I have my own style of humor. I call it Snarkasm.
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Drug Dealer
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Haaaaa! We've got to get Colin Flaherty on this. Big Grin

When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth. - George Bernard Shaw
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Thanks for sharing. This reminds me of my daughters freshman year at her "then new" high school. They were sitting outside eating their lunch when a goose attacked her.

She told us the goose kept chasing her in circles until she finally "whacked it" with her lunch tray.

Must have been hilarious, but wow, what a way to start off at a new school!
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Get my pies
outta the oven!

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Those Canada geese are vicious, especially around this time of year when they are guarding nests.

Where I work, we are overrun with these damned things and all they do is shit, shit, shit; on our cars, on the parking lots and on the grass.

You can't touch them either, right? Mad

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