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I’m hearing this years flu is pretty bad and that hospitals are turning away patients due to lack of rooms.

My 85 year old Mom was admitted last night with a 106 degree temperature. She has type A flu and maybe pneumonia. I’m not sure she will make it. Her temperature went from 101 to 106 in a very short time according to her nursing home doctor.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, chills, and aches. I’m getting a headache now, but don’t have any respiratory issues. I hope I didn’t catch it.

Stay well out there.
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Sounds like you’ve got it, brother. Take care and good luck with Mom!

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Got the flu shot 1st week of Nov.
Dec.2nd, got a sore throat, sinus drainage sliding down the backside of my throat. Ticklish persistent cough,aches, fever bouncing from 101.3 to 102.6 (I stopped testing cuz I just didn't care anymore.) chills. Slept on & off for a couple days. Drove myself to local urgent care, doc said I had Type A flu & lucky I had a flu shot or it would be worse.

Wrote me a script for a codeine (sp) cough syrup, and said three week duration. I didn't heal up til Jan 3rd. Lost 12 or 13 lbs, scale not real accurate. Only hurled once & diarrhea once. Drank lots of O.J and 7 up. I hope the bird flu is not in your future. I can see how elderly folks die from the flu. Never been that sick for so long. Good luck to ya.
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I haven't been really sick in a couple of years but everyone in the office is sick and keeps coming to work. Who comes to work with strep throat, and now everyone is sick
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It's been reported to be pretty bad up here in the Northeast.

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If it weren't for the sore muscles, and general lethargy, it wouldn't be so bad in this vicinity.

It appears that the sufferer-in-chief has a cold on top of it, if the constantly-dripping snot-nose is any indication.
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Body count here in Arkansas is over 23 over age 65.

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It's bad. I'm sitting at home with it right now.

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I hope the bird flu is not in your future. I can see how elderly folks die from the flu. Never been that sick for so long. Good luck to ya.

Sambucol has been tested for the avian bird flu:

Study shows Israeli elderberry extract effective against avian flu
By Nicky Blackburn
January 29, 2006

At first glance, world-renowned Israeli virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu does not seem like the sort of person you expect to come up with what could turn out to be a cure for one of humanity’s biggest threats today – the avian flu.

Everybody should have a bottle or two of Sambucol to help prevent the flu since the flu vaccine is less effective this year. You can find it at most drug stores.

It comes in tablets and syrup while I prefer the syrup. You only take it when you feel like you are catching something.

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Here in Michigan it's not as bad compared to other states.
Prayers for your mom.
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Ripped everyone here a new one a few weeks ago, including me during a 4 day weekend.
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My mom was just diagnosed with the flu today as well. She's not felt right since Christmas but today it hit her hard. She got her flu shot and is very careful as she works at the local hospital but it got her this year. She's 70 and in poor health so I worry about her, not to mention my 80 YO Dad who's caring for her. Definitely a very rough flu season and one that seems to be peaking early this year. Best wishes to your mom.

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Man, flu season messes with my head. I got the flu really bad in 2011 and ever since I get all paranoid this time of year.

I hope your mom is okay, OP.

Sounds like it’s really bad this year. Hopefully we peak soon.

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This is the first time I've gotten the flu after getting the shot (this year's shot is estimated at 10-33% effective). For me, it was mild. Started with a slight rawness in the back of the throat early in the week. Never got above more than about 100 degrees.

Stopped by my father's place this evening - we forgot to get him in for his shot this year. He mentioned that he feels like he might be getting a cold. I'll monitor him - will expedite him to the hospital for anti-virals if needed. So far in his life, he has only spent one night in a hospital - we'd like to keep that streak going strong so he can celebrate his 100th birthday later this year.
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The CDC has virtually listed the entire US as "Widespread"

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My wife has been going to work sick because they are so short staffed at the pharmacy at the hospital where she works wearing double masks. Early last week she was sent home by her manager. She stopped at Immediate Care and it was over a two hour wait but I told her to go to ER because she would get better diagnose and treatment there, They did test for flu and strep throat, blood work, and X-Ray. She has type A flu even though she had the shot and on verge of getting pneumonia. Got four different meds, an IV of potassium, and five days off work going back tomorrow.

Daughter has had same symptoms and I took her to the doctors office that was filled with people wearing masks. She also has meds.

So far I have been fine. I had flu and second pneumonia shots Dec 04. I use Purell a lot on my hands. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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The ironic thing is that when the flu hits the hospital workers are the few that aren’t allowed to call off. For instance my group manages 10 ER’s in my area. We staff all the doctors and NP’s/PA’s. On any given day we have 1 person on call for the doc’s and 1 for the NP’s/Pa’s. If multiple are sick you are shit out of luck. It’s our responsibility to find coverage or you have to come in. I’ve been sick with bronchitis for 2 weeks but haven’t missed work. We had a pregnant Provider with flu seeing patients wearing a mask carrying around an IV pole giving herself fluids. Meanwhile half the patients were there with the sniffles. Healthcare workers often take terrible care of themselves and it’s a byproduct of this culture of “gets your ass to work.” Taking a personal day doesn’t exist. In 8+ years I have called in sick exactly 0 times...even if I felt like death. I have witnessed many occasions where the medical provider was sicker than the patient.

Hoping your mother turns the corner.

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Thanks to all you health care workers for what you do. My observations from seeing my niece who is a nurse is that work is demanding enough without being sick.

My mom made it thru the night but they are still worried about her. As for me, my sore throat and the rest is no worse. I think it’s just a cold.

Thanks also for the well wishes for my mom. She’s hanging tough so far.
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Originally posted by cparktd:
The CDC has virtually listed the entire US as "Widespread"

Be that as it may, but...

Originally posted by dsiets:
Here in Michigan it's not as bad compared to other states.

This is what I'm seeing, so far.

I have one friend that got nailed by it. And nailed but good. That's it, so far.

Woman that went with us to an auto museum yesterday thought maybe she was coming down with something. Wasn't sneezing, coughing or exhibiting any other symptoms that we could see. Only reason we knew is because she mentioned it. (Hopefully either she wasn't or, if she was, she didn't pass it on to us.)

If people who were sick would just take more care to keep their hands washed and wear simple paper masks, this stuff would be a lot less contagious, I think.

Does Wearing a Mask Prevent the Flu?

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In New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana it is epidemic.

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