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I have a big lake. But I am not sure if I am allowed to go there anymore.

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I live in Florida, so yes on the alligator part.
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I'm on an island with a bridge that I have the tools to remove. And there are now man eating sharks around the island. does that count?

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Well I have a sprinkler system for the lawn. And then there is a rather old cantankerous Australian cattle dog that has irritable bowel syndrome, so every time he barks he farts. I am pretty sure that is on par with the alligators.

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Live alligators are actually quite inexpensive if you are will to get them as babies so that only adds say a grand to my 80k number.

Course there is the feeding/maintenance.

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Sorry, only armed dachshunds

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I prefer to fill my moat with oil covered in a thin layer of dirt to hide it from intruders. They step forward thinking it's solid ground, then fall in. If they don't immediately sink and drown, I just fire off a flaming arrow into the moat and watch them burn.

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Well, kinda sorta....

My property is surrounded on all sides by the humble abodes of my redneck cousins and all of their in-bred pit bulls (which are sort of like "dry-land" versions of alligators that can't swim, but sure as hell can bite like angry gators!)

I am sure that all of the above would seek to defend me and my home=place if the need arrived, but the attempted rescue might be worse than the invaders! Nevertheless, I love them all because they are blood kin - even though the family tree does have a few gnarly, twisted limbs.
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When this is one of your toys as a kid:

, yeah, you devote some time into thinking about having a moat around your house!
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No moat, but 6ft no climb fencing surrounding the entire acreage. The fence cuts off the front door from access, so there is a remote doorbell button next to the fence gate. I just ordered a sign to be made to go above the doorbell button, says "Press here to release the hounds".

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Originally posted by HERITAGE:
When this is one of your toys as a kid:
, yeah, you devote some time into thinking about having a moat around your house!
Lol, had the same one! Fisher-Price was the best!
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Yes. It has proven most effective at keeping the black knight at bay.

Yes, it has a drawbridge; it greatly improves ingress and egress.

No alligators or piranhas, however. Those sort of things ruin the moat's usefulness as a lazy river on hot days.


Oh, by the way, which one's "Pink?"
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This one in Alpharetta is boss!

Alpharetta Castle House

I drive by this all the time when heading to my inlaws. It legit has a full moat with draw bridges that go to the garages.

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When we were house hunting, we looked at a place that had a few streams on the borders of the property.

I made the comment to my wife that "with a little digging, I could make it a proper moat!"... The eye roll I got told me that house was off her list.

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No moat; I have this thing about mosquitoes...

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Half by moat, with gators, the other half with fencing and two gates. 900' driveway backed by a scoped M1A and an FN FAL. Concrete block house. But, we're friendly. Our posture is purely defensive...

I am considering adding a palisade, motte, bailey and keep. I also need proper gatehouses. With murder holes, of course. Finally, my battlements are grossly insufficient.

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Cannons, armor and moats? This would be an incredible theme park.

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And codpiece
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Wouldn’t a moat seep into the bunker?
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Originally posted by parabellum:
And codpiece

Lord help us all if this turns out to be the theme park's version of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".


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