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I've zoomed with friends, with business associates and family. It works very well! I was with 22 business friends discussing our industry and worked out so well.

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I did it the other night. I found out that if you wear the right clothes and pick the right background you can ghost in and out of the display. I used that to amuse myself while my girlfriend talked to her friends.

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I just downloaded and completed my first Zoom meeting 10 min ago. I was impressed by how smoothly it went. That's great, b/c I dumped Skype when MS took it over.
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I haven't used it, but my daughter has been using it for her college classes. She says it is rather nifty and works as designed.

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Any privacy or data mining concerns? Same as skype, webex (for consumer usages, not corp)?

Just the normal question in the context of: if a product is free, then you are the product. If gtg, then maybe I'll give it a try.

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My daughter is going to be using it for classes also. She says it works pretty well.

Also have friends in real estate who have been using it for meetings and have reported that it works very smoothly

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My aikido dojo has gone to Zoom classes. Unfortunately I missed the first session yesterday due to illness (not a virus! Have an abscessed molar). Heard it went pretty well all things considered. Hopefully I can make the second installment tomorrow.

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I used it last night to get my daughter to her ballet class. It worked well.

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come and take it
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I had never even heard of it until 8 days ago. I am on day 7 and am an expert now. Hosting meetings with friends in 6 states now.

I am sure big brother can watch everything if they want to. There are a bunch of privacy and do not record settings I have turned on to at least keep privacy from most folks.

I have a few SIGs.
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Oh great, now I have the frik'in Zoom theme song stuck in my head.

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We have been using Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) for most of our work from home needs, but today we used Zoom for a small meeting and I thought it was great. Some of the group had a few issues with muting and unmuting but for a free app I think it's great.
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I use it for work. My 6 year old uses it to connect with his friends. I think his class will begin using it next week as well.

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Dirty Boat Guy
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My son is using it for his piano lessons. My daughter is doing her PTSD counseling sessions using it starting Friday.

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Seeker of Clarity
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I was Zooming often before, now it is nearly constant.
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1st time today.
My kindergartener had a 30 minute lesson. What a freaking nightmare!!!!!!
19 Kindergarteners on all at the same time.

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I have not 'Zoomed' but my son's high school here in NH (Pinkerton Academy) is using Zoom for the Remote Learning Program they rolled out last week for 3400 students. From what I've seen, Zoom is very capable platform and the AV works well. I was also impressed with the options to toggle Video off and the other Privacy features, which I'm sure are viewed very favorably by schools, parents & students alike.


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Spinnin' Chain
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We have it loaded on the home system, seems to work well. I use Skype For Business at work.
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Our classes at my school are going to incorporate Zoom with Canvas for our distance learning for the rest of the semester. I attended my first training webinar today. It seems to work pretty well. Better than my experience with Skype.
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I'm not laughing
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I just finished my second year working for Zoom. I love it here. Zoom is considered one of the best places to work in America. I Zoom all day long!

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