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My 2.5yr old grandson has Stage 4 Cancer Update 4-30-20 Pg16. Was cancer free for 6 months, Cancer has returned. Login/Join 
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Holy cow great news man. It is heartbreaking to see a small child go through such a brutal disease. Praying for Titus and your family!
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Awesome news will continue praying for Titus’ complete recovery and Cancer free report!

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God's blessing! Need a new monitor...this one gets blurry...

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Very good news. I will continue my prayers for Titus and Family.

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My allergies are acting up...some watering eyes here. Great news will keep you all in my prayers.


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Originally posted by synthplayer:
My monitor just got a bit blurry. I'm so happy things are going the way we want them to with your grandson!

Must be a computer virus, or something. My monitor got all blurry, too!

Praise God for his help and mercy, especially for these little ones!!


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Keep up the fight, not until cancer is beaten!

Praise to Our Lord, and many prayers for the talented people involved in Titus' cure, for his peace and comfort, and for the extended family.

Just my 2¢

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Great news. I said my nightly prayers about thirty minutes ago and you guys were included. Great news.
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May God continue to bless Titus with healing and strength, as well as comfort and peace for the entire family. A special Easter prayer has been offered for all of you!


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God is good! Happy Easter!

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Prayer is a most powerful tool! They will continue! May God bless this young man and his family!
Happy Blessed Easter to all!

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More prayers sent to you and little Titus!
I love his name!


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That’s the best update! Thank you and we will keep praying for a full recovery.
Happy Easter!
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I made it back to Virginia a couple days ago and have had a wonderful time with my best little buddy. His enthusiasm and zest is contagious. If no one told you, you would never know he has stage 4 cancer. It is so amazing.

Hitched along during his bi-weekly clinic on Monday and went to his pre-surgical consult today. His primary oncologist is basically "giddy" with his current health status and the reduction of the tumors. He will be in surgery tomorrow to remove the tumor from his abdomen and there is only one complication they are worried about. Part of the tumor is still entwined on a vein in one kidney. There is a possibility the kidney will be removed with the tumor.

I will be here for 2.5 weeks and my wife will switch out with me and be here for 2.5 weeks so we have the month of may covered as back up for our rock star kiddo in support. May will be a tough month. Surgery followed by the final chemo then beginning radiation therapy or maybe photon therapy, they will know more as we get closer.

Thank you again for all of the positive thoughts, prayers and vibes headed our way. I am 100% positive it has helped!

As side note, if you would like to put life into perspective, visit a children's cancer ward or clinic. I had thought that it would make me feel small, make my world seem easy, maybe even make my life seem "better"? And it was quite the opposite. What I realized is the immense amount of hope and love in there. It made me realize that my problems aren't small, my approach to solving them is small. It was a really uplifting and amazing experience and I almost can't wait to go back. Kind of strange. Sort of like the real first time meeting people and kids who really know what "try" and "never give up" means.

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That is wonderful news! Praising God from Whom all blessings flow!
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Sigolicious, that is one good looking grandson! I am still sending good thoughts to everyone involved. It is a good thing that you and your wife can "tag team" time spent with him. Along with a few others this thread makes my monitors blur. Best wishes to you and your family.
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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First time seeing this thread. Great to hear the good news! Great job staying strong, my friend.


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Prayers sent for him, all of you and the docs, nurses and support staff caring for him. Hope the surgery go without a hitch.

Thanks for the update Sigo.

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I’m glad to read these ongoing reports containing good news. Thanks!


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That's great news!
Will keep the prayers coming.

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