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Update 4-19-19.

I'm not sure I can say thank you enough to everyone here and everyone else who has participated in this journey. So many great people and so much hope, positive thinking, support and prayer for this little guy.

So tonight I raise my glass and fill my heart and soul with happiness and more hope. Thank you all.

My grandson Titus is amazing. My daughter is amazing. Started this post 2 1/2 months ago only thinking the worst. Slowly grew to realize the most I could do was to support my daughter in being a caregiver for her son. In the mean time I gave in to just having hope, having positive thoughts and praying that he makes it with flying colors.

4 chemo sessions down as of this past monday and we found out today that the tumors on his head (x4) are all but gone (CT Scan). The primary tumor in his abdomen is reduced by 96%. Not gonna get to wrapped around the axle as there is still lots to accomplish, but this is a milestone. According to the oncologist he is "ahead of the curve".

So happy today. Surgery to remove the remaining tumor in the abdomen is tentatively scheduled for the first week of may. I'll be back in Virginia about 3 days prior. Can't wait to see the little and guy and my baby girl. Actually the first surgery might be to remove me from hugging him to pieces Smile.

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That's great news.


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My monitor just got a bit blurry. I'm so happy things are going the way we want them to with your grandson!

I found what you said riveting.
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So very happy for you! What wonderful news.


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I opened this update with both hope and dread. Reading about his progress drew tears of gratitude for his recovery. Keep fighting little man! You too, brother, keep fighting with him.

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Fuck cancer is right. I hope this little man wins. In a huge way.

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Glad to hear he's doing well. Praying for him and your family.
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way to go little man. keep up the good fight. prayers up for him and the family
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Well, praise the Lord! Will continue praying for the little folks along with the others here in need of prayer support.

Regards, Will G.
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Sigo, my friend, this is without a doubt wonderful news. I know you and the entire family have much to celebrate this Easter weekend.
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Very good news! Best wishes on making even more progress!
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This news made my day. Still sending good thoughts to your whole family.
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Great news on the Easter weekend. Continued prayers for Titus and your whole family.
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Continued healing prayed for.

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Very happy to read the update, praying for your little guy.

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I am so glad to see this.


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That’s great news! I was really touched last week watching the Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Springs, FL. Retired NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon has created the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, and it’s mission is pediatric cancer. He donated a pretty special Corvette for the Foundation. It was bid up to $250,000, then the winning bidder turned around and gave it back to be auctioned again—it raised another $160,000. It was powerful.

New England Patriots’ RB, Rex Burkhead, founded Team Jack, during his time at Nebraska because of his relationship with Jack Hoffman, a small-town Nebraska kid with brain cancer. Jack is still fighting and Burkhead is still raising money for pediatric brain cancer research—along with help from teammates in New England, (former team) Cincinnati, and of course, Nebraska.

Good people out there fighting this horrible disease. Get ‘em, Titus!

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Goob news. Glad to hear it.

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Way to go Titus! Keep up the fight!


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Fantastic news brother. I’m very happy to hear he’s doing so well!

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