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Originally posted by jimb888:
Recently broke my wifes favorite: Oxo Good Grips can opener on a can of Tuna Fish. (The shaft of the teeth bent cause I cranked it hard). Replaced with same, and also bought a 2nd opener made in the US by someone calling themselves EZ-DUZ-IT. The made in USA EZ-DUZ-IT outperforms the Chinese made "good Grips" and also costs less. Likely it will be the last can opener I ever buy. Performance measures for me were:

1st) How easy it is to clap it onto a can.
2nd) How easy and fast it is to turn the handle. The Oxo is marketed to arthritic folks, the EZ outperforms it and is much easier to turn the handle.
3rd) Needs to leave NO sharp edge so that the dog can directly lick and clean off any can I open.
4th) Apparent strength of build. The metal on the EZ is much thicker.

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Banned for being
genuinely stupid
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Black + decker tools,Cartman tool set.
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11 pages of stuff and only
30 links to the products by 25 people


whats up with that ?

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^^^ Use your DuckDuckGo fu.
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It takes just a few seconds, once you know the name of a product, to find it at your favorite retailer/online store/review site etc.

The best reason for no links, bendable, is that different people may want different info. You may want a link to the manufacturer’s website, where you can read the specs but can’t buy it. Others, may want a link to an online merchant like Amazon or Walmart where you can purchase the item, and still others may want to research reviews from trusted sites prior to purchase.

A long winded answer to basically say be happy that there are so many good US products, go buy what you’d like!
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