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Just look for the car that is stopped 40+ feet back from the car in from of it at any stoplight.

And if you're trying to make a right turn out of a driveway on that street, and try to turn into the gap, they will choose that exact moment to pull ahead and close it up. (This is not confined exclusively to Subaru drivers.)
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Originally posted by Scooter123:

What drive me bonkers is the Damned Prius Drivers, every single one of those obnoxious A-Holes seems to believe that it is their mission in life to slow the road speeds on the entire planet by blocking as many lanes as they can. If there are 4 lanes going in each direction you will see 4 Prius' going side by side 10-15 mph BELOW the speed limit.

That sounds sooooo PITiful.


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Consumer Reports lists the Outback as one of the best cars for seniors . After I bought one, I heard they were a favorite of lesbians. Then it all made sense, I'm a senior citizen and I share a lot of interests with lesbians. Razz
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