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The theater we use has online ticket purchases and the ability to reserve the seats.

Same here but the entrance is right in the front. Concession stand was never backed up but the fact there is a supermarket that sells the same boxed candy for a dollar each makes that somewhat foolish to use.

In the past when we did security for a large chain the popcorn was made off site and brought in garbage bags beforehand.

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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
Large jackets and bags = bring your own candy, popcorn, and drinks.

At least that's what we do, the one time a year we might go to the theater.

My wife has one particular purse that I've dubbed the "Baby Stealin' Purse," and it's big enough to... well, you get the idea. We load that sucker down, if we plan to eat anything. My kids laughed at me until it was their money they were spending.


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The theater in my neighborhood has beer on tap. There is never anyone in line for that (Commies?) So; I wouldn't know if the concessions is otherwise a cluster, I just get my beer and move out!

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If I even go to the movie theater at all, that's why I go to a matinee in the middle of the week. It's me and about 14 other people, so I don't have to fight the butter line or the Dr. Pepper line.

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