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We had seven deer on the property this morning. I expect to find a few damaged trees today.
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Now you might have moved into their natural habitat or others somewhere else moved in maybe nearby and they have to go somewhere to eat. Now before you get mad at me you can thank some of the animal rights promoters that try and discourge hunting/trapping which can cause over population . In some states more deer are killed by auto/trucks accidents than are legally taken by hunters. Have been a legal hunter/ fisherman in (Louisiana/Mississippi/Alaska) so take it easy on me. And I understand the problems that the animals can cause to private as well as public property. .......................drill sgt.
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Bunch of savages
in this town
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
The deer in the Yoop are mainly hood ornaments. An accessory your motorcycle doesn't need.

I’ve killed two this way, and lived to tell about it. They are all over in SW PA.

I apologize now...
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I wish all deer in Louisiana would vanish. You have to watch out for them on the roads at night. Girlfriend was a newspaper distributor for over 30 years. The last 20 she hit or they hit her 17 damn deer. When you're on all the country roads all night 7 nights a week you see all kinds of stuff. And at home I used to have a huge garden but that all ended about 25 years ago because the deer showed up and would eat everything.

And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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posting without pants
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They are destroying everything here too.

The future Mrs. is a gardener... Lots of flowers and plants, and we did some Tomatoes and Peppers too.

They left them alone for a while, then starting two weeks ago they came and destroyed everything.

We put out a motion activated water sprinkler, a motion activated Ultrasonic thing that is supposed to scare them, liquid fence (smells like Death's asshole), wire cages, literal human hair, and coyote urine crystals.

They didn't care at all, still came and ate it all.

I have thrown tennis balls at them (hit is square in the rump and it still didn't run) shot them with airsoft guns (still didn't run).

I dunno what to do.

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We've had problem with deer this year, more than ever. Bastards are eating our hostas damn near to the dirt, ate all the buds of our tiger lillies, and now eating my peas and beans in the garden! There are three of them! Two nice little legal shooters for deer season, lol! And, yes I hunt and live in the country. So, fair game this year!!

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