Old News Photos (New photos on each page)

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May 25, 2021, 01:44 AM
Old News Photos (New photos on each page)
Something about the old black and whites that color photos just don’t have
May 25, 2021, 06:19 AM
Originally posted by HRK:
Looks like the top one in this image of PAVN Weapons.. PPS 42 Russian Submachine gun

HRK – From your link it appears to be a PPS-43 – Thanks!

Here’s one last photo for May.

Star Wars 1st Anniversary party 5/25/78

June 05, 2021, 10:47 AM
June is here!

E. L. Nelson, war veteran, now a city detective has invented a new device which loads a six shooter in between two and three seconds. Det. Nelson reports keen interest in his invention from fellow police officers. JUN 12 1927

Homer and Bullet, Boerne, Tex., 6/30/30

PART OF SERIES FROM U.S.A.A.F. -- INDIANS VISIT ARMY FLYERS -- ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- During their tour of Kirtland Field here, the small arms intrigued the Indians more than anything else. They fondled the guns like veterans, and remarked how they'd like to have this gun or that to take home to shoot deer and turkey. Carpio Martinez, ex-governor of San Juan Pueblo, was especially fond of the Tommy Gun and is shown getting a few instructions from First LT. Anthony Gasparovich, director of Kirtland Field's small arms school. 6/11/44

NEVEH YAAKOV, PALESTINE: A 12-year-old Jewish boy teaches a girl of elementary school age the mechanics of operating a Sten gun. The lad is an expert with the weapon. Children living in this Jewish agricultural settlement learn, in addition to reading and writing, defense measures against Arab attack. Telephoto by staff correspondent David S. Boyer. 6-25-48

Sat. June 24th 1961

SPONSORS IN VIETNAM – An infantry unit in Vietnam is sponsoring the Spearheaders Little League team. The team, a member of the Westbury Little League Association, hopes to have a great season for their benefactors.
SHOWN – Members of the team write their sponsors in Vietnam to inform them of their latest victory. WED JUN 11 1969

Swimmer Shirley Babashoff displays form (top left) that enabled her to win two individual silver medals in the 1972 Olympics and goes through weight training (bottom right) in preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Montreal. But bicycling, enjoying a pizza pie and spending time with her biggest fans, her family, are also important in Shirley’s lifestyle. Shirley is a strong U.S. Gold medal favorite for the XXI Olympic Games, which will be carried exclusively in the U.S. by the ABC Television network beginning this July. 6/22/76

June 05, 2021, 11:54 AM
Johnny 3eagles
Thanks again. Pizza Pie!


“Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.'
The warrior whispers back, 'I AM THE STORM."

July 03, 2021, 10:22 AM
It’s July already!

ARE MODERN KIDS ON THE SKIDS? – Gale Storm and Jimmy Lydon, stars of the new motion picture, “Tom Brown’s School Days”, demonstrate the latest craze infecting American youth, “rug-cuttin’ ”. Youngsters insist that this new fad is dancing, but their bewildered elders are not so sure. 7/19/40

Graumans Chinese Theater July 1942

Los Angeles – A group of women welding trainees listen attentively as their male instructors (LEFT) give them instructions. The women are sitting on the forepeak of a Liberty ship and are wearing protective and work clothes. Soon this group will be helping build Liberty ships for victory. 7/8/43

ALBANY, GA., Jan. 24 -- IKE GETS THE POINT -- As former president Eisenhower holds his gun on the ready, his hunting dog “Rap” is on point, as they pose for this picture in the field at Blue Springs Plantation where Ike is spending a 10-day bird hunt near Albany, Ga. Ike bagged the limit today for the second day in a row. Jan. 24 1961

’72 July 4th parade

Coral Gables Youth Center cherry pie eating contest — And the winner is twin William, who shows that he’s not only eaten the pie, but swallowed it too — the judges were checking this… Losing twin is John, center… and at far right, also losing was Emily Keldie (CQ)… (Yes, I think it looks like a boy too, but they have assured me that it is a girl and her name is Emily.) JUL 4 1988

July 03, 2021, 11:26 AM
Originally posted by JSW:
It’s July already!

ALBANY, GA., Jan. 24 -- IKE GETS THE POINT -- As former president Eisenhower holds his gun on the ready, his hunting dog “Rap” is on point, as they pose for this picture in the field at Blue Springs Plantation where Ike is spending a 10-day bird hunt near Albany, Ga. Ike bagged the limit today for the second day in a row. Jan. 24 1961

This is where I grew up!

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July 05, 2021, 01:00 AM
Great photos...looking forward to August!
July 30, 2021, 05:01 AM
As a data point the General Walter Short referenced in the caption of photo 3 is the guy who was the army commander in Hawaii when the Japs attacked pearl harbor in Dec 1941.

After the attack his promising career crashed and burned. Short narrowly avoided being court marshaled for not being prepared.



[QUOTE]Originally posted by JSW:
Photography and history are two interests of mine and I’ve been accumulating material for years, including what has grown into a good-sized collection of old American news service photographs. I thought other Sig Forum members might like seeing some, and that a good place to start would be people and guns. I will be adding more photos and subjects as time allows. I hope you enjoy them!

ARMY TESTS NEW MACHINE GUN CARRIER — The Army’s experimental machine gun carrier, a low-slung automotive vehicle designed to keep machine guns in continuous action during advances and retreats, is shown as it was being tested in maneuvers at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. It was built at Fort Benning, Ga., in the Infantry School, by Captain Robert G. Howie and Sergeant M. C. Wiley, under the supervision of Brig. Gen. Walter C. Short, of Fort Niagara, N.Y. With this carrier, the Army hopes to overcome the chief obstacle of machine gun operation, that of keeping the gun in operation at all times. Machine guns are usually out of operation until they are set up in the lines. Note how the low-slung carrier allows the machine gun operator to spray positions in front of him as the driver of the carrier maneuvers it back and forth. Sergeant Wiley is operating the gun while Corporal B. W. Russell drives. 11/12/37

Hoist on High the Bonny Blue Flag that Bears the Single Star!!!

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August 01, 2021, 12:59 PM
Here’s August!

Oak Park Trust and Savings Bank Revolver Club – Members of the Oak Park Trust and Savings Bank Revolver Club have won three of their last four meets, according to C. D. Seftenberg, Vice President and trust officer, who is in charge of the club. In the photo are: First – L. J. Smith, A. Conklin, G. Oliver, S. Carne and O. Kilgore. Second – Mr. Seftenberg, trust officer, H. Dubbs, M. White and F. Whitcher. Absent, Paul Ware. The team has been organized since 1936 and it now shoots under regulations of the National Rifle and Pistol Association. It is a uniformed team, outfits having been designed in cooperation with Willard W. Cole, Jr., manager of The Hub – Thursday, August 11, 1938

Sniper’s Delight – This intricate bit of business at the end of a 1903 Springfield rifle was designed during the World War for shooting from a trench without exposing the gunner. The rifleman sighted through a periscope. William L. Murphy, curator at the small arms museum in Springfield, Mass., demonstrates for the cameraman. Watch release date, Sunday, Sept. 29 – 8/29/40

MARINE RAIDERS LEARN A NEW FIGHTING STANCE — Crouched to make them a smaller target, members of one of the new Marine “Marine Raiders” practice the new stance on the automatic pistol target range. (See Wire Story) Aug 25 1942

“Pajama Party” - - NEW YORK - - Victory is sweet for these veterans at the Veterans’ Hospital, Kingsbridge Road and Sedgewick Ave., The Bronx, and the obliging young ladies give the pajama-clad lads their dues, as even the hospital walls fail to squelch the joyous celebrations of Japan’s surrender to the Allies. All of New York echoed with a tumultuous celebration. 8/14/45

NEWEST MEMBER OF THE TEAM – Tommy Smith (14) is the latest recruit for the Indians, and according to him, “the luckiest boy in Cleveland”. Tommy, who was named as the ball club’s new batboy yesterday, was chosen from over two hundred young hopefuls. PHOTO SHOWS – Tommy proudly displays his new uniform for photographers. TUE AUG 8 1950

“That’s My Dad!”

Registering approval of his father’s work on the surface of the moon is James Irwin, eight, son of Apollo 15 lunar module pilot, Lt. Col. James B. Irwin. The elder Irwin, along with rest of the Apollo crew, are scheduled to return to Earth on August 7. AUG 2 1971

NEW TWIST ON AN OLD GAME – Boys have been playing “war” for time immemorial, but only in recent months has an all-new wrinkle appeared. Across the nation they are now using real guns, the BB and pellet shooting variety, in their games. Special clothes and safety equipment, either store bought or homemade, are also used to insure no players are harmed. Many participants report it to be the most fun they have ever had.

SHOWN: A war-gamesman adjusts the mask that protects his eyes from BB rounds. 8/29/82

"I love you dad..." A teary-eyed Gabriel Vanderwalker, 12, tells his dad, John, after arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from the Soviet Union, where the children's Seattle Peace Theater group was supposed to perform before the military coup changed their plans.

The group, consisting of 15 young performers aged 9-13 along with 5 adult guardians, were in Moscow on August 18 during the attempted overthrow of President Mikhail Gorbachev by high-ranking members of the military and Communist Party.

Immediate arrangements were made by the U.S. Embassy to evacuate the children and return them to the United States. Although the coup d'état appeared to be unsuccessful embassy officials were still concerned about the possibility of violence by hardline Communist elements within the Soviet Armed Forces and government. - 8/28/91

September 05, 2021, 08:31 AM
Here’s some for September.

DETROIT COP WHO COPPED CAMP PERRY PISTOL TROPHY. Camp Perry, Ohio….. Detective James Parks, Detroit Policeman, who was the winner of the Pangrish Trophy at the national rifle and pistol matches which were held there. Policemen from 43 cities competed in the contest. 9-1-30

Tom on Peleliu Sept. 1944

COURAGE, YES, BUT NOT TO LOOK – DETROIT: Arthur Greer, Plastic Technician, knows the new “Doron” bullet-proof vest he wears will stop the bullet fired at him at close range, but the knowledge doesn’t preclude operation of reflex action in his eyes. The vest, a development by the Paramount Rubber Co. of Detroit, of body armor used by the Army and Navy, is made of layers of fiber glass. It is guaranteed to stop all ammunition no heavier than the 38/44 S&W Special. 9/17/47

Miami, Fla., Sept. 1953

My buddy Mullins Sept. 68

ACROSS THE NATION POLICE STEP UP THE FIREPOWER – In the last few years a growing trend among U.S. law enforcement agencies has been to trade their old service revolvers in for newer semi-automatic pistols. The main reason given is to keep pace with the criminal element that increasingly uses modern weaponry in crimes. This new generation of semi-automatic pistols are not only more reliable than those of old, but hold more ammunition, as many as 15 rounds. Police revolvers typically hold 6 rounds. Pistols are also much quicker to reload, especially in the high-stress situations that police officers are likely to encounter.

SHOWN – Fox Point Police Officer Ralph Beck displayed the 9mm pistol that his department chose because it holds more cartridges than a revolver and is faster and easier to reload. TU SEP 26 1989

September 05, 2021, 10:56 AM
Johnny 3eagles
Thanks again!


“Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.'
The warrior whispers back, 'I AM THE STORM."