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The Joy Maker
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I've had two days off since June, for the first 3 weeks it was 12 hour shifts, every day. Finally we have enough people trained so we can all get time off, but I'm the lead, so I only get one, because fuck me, right?

Anyway, I spent my time getting drunk, taking pictures of the sky, and cooking a bunch of pork. Eeeeeeeenjoy.

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Fonky Honky
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Nice pics! The tenderloin and ribs look fantastic!

Hang in there, we're going through the same staffing problems. Six on, one off.

That one day makes me appreciate a fine meal. Need to hit a BBQ place next!

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Nice pics and congrats on some time-off!

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Not really from Vienna
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Pig meat is our friend.
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Everyone had fun but the pig!

Great photos ASG.

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Nice pictures
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