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The Joy Maker
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Last weekend we went to the beach, first time I've been to the beach beach in like 30 years.

This one is from my other camera I just had running most of the night, at some point I'll get off my ass and animate it.

These two I'm honestly not sure how I managed to get because by that time I was dumbass drunk. My friend just kept handing me shots. She was fine, I was not, fuckin' kids.

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Looks picture perfect. How was the water? We just went to the beach not long ago and the water was miserable to get into, as it is hot and not quite refreshing. It's a funny thing, I have lived near the coast,approx. 20 minute drive, for most of my life but have not really gone to the beach all that often.
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All that spectacular ocean and sky,
No furniture

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Originally posted by patw:
How was the water?

That's funny. Last time I was at the ocean out here I went out as far as the first picture shows.

Nice pictures. Looks like a good trip.


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Green grass and
high tides
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beautiful. Have family that has a condo on the ocean there. Great time to be there now.

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Wow. Very Zen.

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