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New member here folks looking for some information on a P220. I have been an avid Sig collector for 40 years and I have one that I may consider parting with but I'm looking for as much accurate information as possible, before I put it out there, so I thought I'd ask you all that may know more about it. The P220 I am referring to is in the elusive 7.65/30 Luger caliber and it's in excellent condition. In fact nicer than I've ever seen. What I mean by that is that it's a very high polished blue. It's absolutely gorgeous. I have other Sig's including a new in box unfired European model P220 in 38 super and all the others I have are in the typical matte or flat black looking and not high polished like this 7.65/30 Luger. I've only ever physically seen or handled one 7.65 in my lifetime and that's the one I have so I don't have anyway of comparing it to others. Thank you and looking forward to your responses.
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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Thinking that the high polish was by request of Browning for their BDA.

Production overruns and shared assembly lines lead to some BDA features being included on P220s and vice versa.

The P220 in 7.65mm is somewhat rare, but can be found with some effort. Now all you'll need are a few P220s in 9mm. Wink

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