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So, slowly, ever so slowly I was sucked in to being a Sig fanboy. First it was just a P320Carry to see what it was all about. Then you know I had to "accessorize" it with 4 different grips and many magazines. Then a P250 to compliment my revolvers. Then had to have an X5 legend and now I'm head over heals into P365.

So here I am.
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There's a whole mess of us here in Georgia.

Mostly North Georgia.


Eeewwww, don't touch it!
Here, poke at it with this stick.
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Caribou gorn
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welcome from Mayretta

I'm gonna vote for the funniest frog with the loudest croak on the highest log.
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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I hope to have a P365 some day, but got distracted by a P226.

Welcome to the forum!

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Just because you can,
doesn't mean you should
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Lots of people from your neighborhood here and lots of stuff besides Sig's and firearms to be discussed too.

Avoid buying ChiCom/CCP products whenever possible.
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Welcome aboard; you’ve definitely come to the right place Wink !

Canik TP9 SFx
HK45c Tactical
P30S V3
P30 V1 LEM
And a butt-load of P7's...
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Welcome aboard.
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