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Hello there! I’m the inventor and owner of Double Action Reactive Targets. We make self-healing targets that temporarily change color to show each hit (think self healing splatter target).

I’ll admit that I don’t currently own a SIG, but have always wanted a P220 in .45 since I shot one when I was 12. My father's best friend sold his Browning Hi Power to my dad and bought a Glock 17 to replace it. Instantly regretting his decision (we all hated shooting the Glock), he pretty quickly traded it in on the SIG, figuring he wanted to level-up from the Browning. After shooting it, it was the only handgun I liked better than that Browning.

When I was old enough to start building my own collection, I couldn't afford that SIG but found a great deal on a BHP. I started competing in USPSA with my own Hi Power about 10 years ago and after hitting a bit of a wall in my ability to shoot fast with the Hi Power, I went to a (wait for it...) Glock 17 for competition. So, I'm currently one of those guys.

That being said, I intend to pick up a P365 in the very near future to replace my EDC Kahr. I think I'm one of the oddballs that liked the SAS model and had been holding out to find a deal on one before the world went crazy. As prices are coming back to Earth, I'm once again on the lookout.

Double Action Reactive Targets - Reactive | Self-Healing | Awesome
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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When you do get one, we'll need pictures. Wink

Welcome to the forum!

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Ricky Taggart
Utah, USA
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