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Hi from Raton New Mexico, home of NRA's Wittington center. NRA benefactor, and a Sig nut. Latest find a 224 in 9mm. Am sold on P series, being a lefty, they are great for me. Nuff striker fired, plastic for me.
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Welcome to the forum from your neighbor to the north (Walsenburg area).


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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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Congrats on the P224.

My most recent Sigs were a P226 and a P250. Just had to have both! Wink

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome from just east of ABQ.


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Been up to Raton to shoot and to railfan. Beautiful area.

Welcome to the forum, from Southern Arizona!

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Welcome from Valencia County.

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Almost my back yard! Pueblo, Colorado is home but I roam most of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico regularly. Lots of extended family in Trinidad, Raton, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque.

Did you know that Raton was originally known as Willow Springs? Raton meaning "rat" in Spanish, I have to wonder why the change?

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Howdy Park and welcome to SIGforum. I have been here just over a year and have found the folks here to be genuine, friendly, and helpful. As a SIG nut myself, it has been a great experience learning from some of the most knowledgable people I know. I live in Albuquerque, office in Rio Rancho and travel across the Southwest for work. Every time I pass through your area (while counting the antelope), I tell myself… next time I am going to stop at Whittington if for nothing else to see what’s up. I was in Trinidad a couple years back on a site visit… took my range bag and a few guns… finished the visit with enough time to pop over… Boss called and needed me in Denver Roll Eyes Oh well, one of these days.

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Welcome aboard from another New Mexican! Big Grin

Thanks for supporting the SigForum Ammo Group Buy and the Para Fundraiser!!
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