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I just found this site a few days ago after searching for information on the Texas DPS 75th Anniversary Pistol that was released in 2010.

I retired from Texas DPS in 2009 and bought one of the anniversary pistols. I have a copy of the original flyer that announced the coming pistol, knife, wooden display boxes, and challenge coin. I would be more than happy to post a copy of that flyer on this forum for those who might like to have a copy to go along with their pistols. (I'm brand new and not sure how to do that yet.)

Somewhere in this forum I saw a post about the quantity of these pistols that were produced. The writer of that post gave a figure of 500 or so. The information that I got at the time was that 2100 of these pistols were produced. But I had some doubts about that number as the pistol was a slow seller as I recall. The price of the pistol for DPS personnel was $1,050.00 which seems cheap in today's world. I wish I had bought two - one to keep and one to sell.

Pistol TXDPS0750001 was donated to the Texas DPS Museum in Austin.

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Welcome to SIGforum.

You will find a lot of Texas members here.

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Might want to post this in the Sig Pistols sub-forum rather than here in the New Member Intros. It'll garner more views there.

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Welcome to the forum!

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