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I originally signed up here a couple of years ago, but it seemed that the software and my browser didn't get along making posting a PITA. So I just kinda walked away.
Just tried a couple of test posts and it seems all is well now. So I may start hanging around more. Wink
Simply put, I'm an old guy (67) with a love for 1911s and S&W revolvers. I have a bunch of both. Big Grin
I do own 5 Sigs. All are older all metal P Series guns. P220, P226, P228, P239 and a P232.
I'm just not much on plastic, even the newer Sigs. Yeah, I'm a dinosaur. Roll Eyes

It ain't the years, its the mileage.
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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I just made it to the third spot on your list last week. I got a P220, P226, and a P228...

Can't argue against a 1911, unless it is wanting two 1911s...

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome from mid-TN

Don't weep for the stupid, or you will be crying all day
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Ugly Bag of
Mostly Water
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Welcome back to SigForum, from Southern Arizona!

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Man Once
Child Twice
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Welcome Grayfox54,, enjoy SIGforum. Lots of good people here.
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Welcome, from Vermont!
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