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After wanting one for many years, I finally picked up my first Sig, a W. German (W. Stamped over) P220 in excellent shape, so I figured I might as well join a few Sig specific forums so I can learn more about them. My interest in Sigs lies primarily with the W. German stamped slide models, simply because they look and feel better. Probably not the best reason, but the external extractors and “sharper” styling of most (but not all) more modern Sig offerings doesn’t appeal to me quite as much. I couldn’t tell you why, but I reached the age years ago where I don’t question what I like and instead just run with it, LOL. I still need to track down a P226 and a P228, along with probably several others, ha.

Anyway, I was directed here by (I think) ArcWelder. Bought the pistol locally and the seller stated they started and compiled the Serial Number List thread found elsewhere here, which is how I found the forum. Hopefully I can learn a lot and enjoy my stay!
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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The P220 is one of my favorites. They are available in a wide variety of configurations and calibers.

The P226 is one you may decide to have more than one of. The P228? I got my first one yesterday. Big Grin

I'm not really in to the 'enhanced' styling of the newer models, but a W. German Sig is hard to pass up.

Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I’m not sure if I want to chase a P226 or a P228 first (or maybe an M11-A1?), so I still have some homework to do on that. I mean, I’ll likely have them all at some point, so it may just be a matter of whichever pops up for sale first once I have the funds, haha.
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Welcome to SigForum, from your friend in Tucson!

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Welcome, Basher!
Nice thing about being in AZ--no limitation on your choices!
I'm a big fan of the P226, although I have only one it's been improved a lot with action work by Bruce Gray.
You need to remember that name--he's been a big part of SigForum as long as I've been on it. He runs Grayguns, Inc. Check out their enhancements for SIG handguns.

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