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Hello all,
I’ma new member to this forum ands a new pistol permit holder. I received my permit in May of 2022 and have been loving this since. My first purchase was an HK VP9 AB’s then I upgraded to a VP9L, just bought the complete upper. My second was an HK P30. I was going to the range 2-3 week. My LGS had rentals And I chose to rent a Sig P226 legion, and after using it about 3 times I knew I had to have it. They had a new P226 SAO but I chose to buy the DASA rental instead. I completely disassembled AB’s purchased from Sig all new interior parts AB’s installed them, I also got a legion Pro cut slide, barrel and recoil spring. Went to the range the next day and was only shooting the 226 abs was total hooked on it. I was in the process of getting the 1911 sig scorpion and shot It and also shot a Wilson combat CQB 45. My LGS didn’t have a scorpion in 45 so I went with the WC. As I’m getting into this habit I’m finding out that I’m drawn to only liking metal framed pistols and hammer fired, also not liking striker fired pistols. I sold my VP9 ands went back to my LGS. They only had 226 SAO or 320 strikers. With that I picked up a Wilson Combat EDC X9. As of yesterday I saw they got in new Sig P226 XFIVE AND am strongly thinking about getting that before they sell out. I will let you guys know and ask questions if I get it. Any thoughts on the XFive? Thank you all.
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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You can't go wrong with a P226.

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome. Also in CT.
Good choice on X5.
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Void Where Prohibited
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Welcome aboard. Always nice to see new members from our little state.

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Welcome from Utah!

Ricky Taggart
Utah, USA
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