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We used that in Nam. I think most can figure it out. Anyway newby here. I've been shooting SIG's for awhile. I have a P226 that holds a 20 round mag and also has the decocking lever. I am having to sell it due to contracting NHL thru agent orange. I had to have my right shoulder replaced with what the Doc's called a reverse shoulder replacement. I now only have about 25% use of my right arm. Getting to the specifics I'm not sure if I have an MK-25 or a legion. The serial number is 47A 030163. My brother wants to buy it but I don't know what it might be worth.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome & Thanks for your service!
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Hey, welcome to the forum!

You might want to start your P226 research right here, in the Sig Pistols section. Lots of good info!


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