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Just approved. Thanks for the add.
Just purchased my first Sig: P365XL for EDC.
So, now on to holster hunt (IWB, appendix or strong side) and some new belts. Pudgy 78 years young, 5’8”, 180, 36” waist.
Always looking for suggestions from those who have used an item I need.
So, feel free to fire away!

How old am I.

78 years
18 years

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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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Congrats on your P365! I hope to have one some day.

Thinking ya gotta be 18. Either for the first time or the fourth time. Wink

Welcome to the forum.

Support Sigforum and Para!
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School Curmudgeon
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Welcome to the forum. Former Lansing, Flint, Macomb resident...

Don't weep for the stupid, or you will be crying all day
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Washing machine whisperer
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Welcome from another Michigander. I'm 5 miles from Ohio, down in the tropics.

Check our Keeper's Concealment for a holster. Spencer is The Man when it comes to AIWB carry.

Writing the next chapter that I've been looking forward to.
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Welcome from downriver!!!

If you're near Midland, we used to meet my grandparents who lived in Leland for supper there on occasion.

Grew up in Dearborn, born in Detroit many decades ago.

AIWB is awesome if one has the physique. Passed that square a few miles ago...

Brad is a great soul, so please start with his recommendation. Sold off mine Frown


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of Service
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Welcome from another ex-Michigander - St. Johns/Fowler area.

Be careful when following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.
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Welcome to the sigforum. Best forum on the internet.
My vote, 78. Your just refusing to acknowledge your age like I do. After all, everyone else is getting older, not me. Smile
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Welcome aboard from another downriver member.

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