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May 24, 2022, 04:19 PM
New member from NC

This is my first post on this forum, with the first Sig I've ever owned. I've shot a few in the past but I stayed away from them being left-handed. I've shot pistols from practically all manufacturers who produce mass market pistols, and for years I've settled with a Walther P99 and then a PPQ.

I recently purchased a barely used Sig P226 SAO Legion. I've put a few hundred rounds through it and it shoots very well in my hands. I look forward to participating on this forum.
May 24, 2022, 04:42 PM

Can't really go wrong with a P226.

Welcome to the forum!

May 24, 2022, 05:37 PM
Thanks for the welcome.

I've always been a fan of cocked and locked pistols with excellent triggers. Every P-series Sig I've shot has been soft shooting as well, and this one is no different.
May 24, 2022, 06:32 PM
Welcome to the forum from another NC resident.
May 24, 2022, 09:48 PM
Welcome to the forum from another North Carolinian.
May 25, 2022, 05:01 AM
May 31, 2022, 01:43 PM
Welcome from another NC member.

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