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Howdy folks! USMC vet here, was living in New Jersey for the past few years using my GI Bill and now have recently moved to Philadelphia. Am also about to get married, which is a blessing--I've introduced her to shooting sports and she really enjoys it too. So like I said, I'm a blessed man.

Also a long-time Sig enthusiast. I have great respect and admiration for some of the "classics" and all-time great models such as the P210, although all the Sigs I own currently are of a decidedly more recent and more affordable ilk, which is just fine by me. Some day I hope to get a P226 Legion.

I have especially held a certain affinity over the past decade or so for a bit of an "odd bird" from Sig, the P250. Prior to purchasing my first one, I most commonly carried a 4" S&W K frame revolver for social work, so discovering the P250 was a real joy for me having come from a background of greatest familiarity with a double-action trigger, at least in civilian life. Since that time it has remained, in one iteration or another, both my most consistently carried piece in the subcompact version and the one I have chosen to compete with in the past in various "outlaw" matches, mostly of the 3-gun variety.

I'm now looking to get more actively involved with a good club somewhere local/semi-local, e.g. the Lower Providence Rod & Gun club in Audubon, PA. It seems right up my alley, especially as I hope to begin shooting USPSA. I do my own reloading and find it, as well as time on the range in general, to be a real "zen" experience for me and a great way not only to destress but to enjoy the time with good friends and, on occasion, a good stogie (when the RSO permits!).

Hopefully some of y'all will chime in if you happen to be somewhere near local to me. Oh, and in case anyone wants to "nerd out" about it, below I've listed the Sigs I currently am fortunate enough to own and enjoy shooting:

P250 subcompact (.380ACP)
P250 subcompact (9mm)
P250 compact (9mm)
P250 full size (9mm)

P365 (currently sporting a Wilson grip module and Magna-Ported barrel)
P365XL (left pretty much "bone stock")
P365XL (gucci'd out for fast and fun shooting: custom milled slide w/ RMRcc and irons sized to be just barely visible at the bottom of the already-diminutive window, Parker Mountain JTTC comp and barrel, Icarus grip frame, and TLR-8A.)

Wishing everyone a great day. SOUND OFF especially if you're an oddball P250 enthusiast like me and/or if you shoot somewhere near Philly. This place is alright! SURE less restrictive than the last place I was in (NJ).
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Welcome & Thanks for your service!
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always with a hat or sunscreen
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Hoorah and Semper Fi Marine!
Welcome aboard.

I'm retired navy (mustang) and my eldest was a FMF Corpsman.

Certifiable member of the gun toting, septuagenarian, bucket list workin', crazed retiree, bald is beautiful club!
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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I had a P250 a long time ago and traded it for a Gen2 Glock (the only one without the finger grooves at the time). Well, turns out that was the only way I was getting a Gen2 Glock to play with for some mods and caliber swaps.

Was just about to get a P320 when I happened upon a P250sc made in Germany. It came complete with the box and test target. I've yet to see another.

Welcome to the forum!

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Greetings from an ex-Philadelphian.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." George Washington.
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Welcome to the forum, from the other side of PA.

Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.
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