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I have been trying to get the 1100 up and running.
Using once fired LC22 brass. When I ran the brass thru the size ,swage the put a bullet on the case and straighten/ crip. Crimping into the canulre.
One piece I could not push the bullet in the other I did.
Not Shure where to go from here.
I am using all Dillon dies.

Any suggestions would be great.
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Just my opinion.... when setting up multi-stage progressive presses, I tend to focus on one stage at a time. I progress to setting the next stage when I can confidently produce at least 10 pieces of processed brass with similar results. There are so many variables in your question. Its hard to know where to start with advice or suggestions.

Certainly, if there is a particular stage that is not producing the desired result, I'd first remove that die, break it down and clean it completely. That is always a great starting point.

Definitely, gonna need more information.


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Maybe variation in OAL of cases. Measure with dial cals and trim them all the same. Best done after sizing. This is why I always processed all my brass on my single stages, tumbled clean before going to the progressives. Swage, size, trim and deburred and tumble before the Dillion.
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slam fires
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David is right,do all our prep work first.
I size my rifle stuff on an old rockchucker,trim,chaffer and champer on a home made rig and back to the tumbler.
I like pretty brass and a consistent loaded round!
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