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I’ve gone the rounds from 124/125, 135, 147/150gr.

USPSA, IDPA and steel challenge. I first liked the 147 then it seemed the slide was slow, back to 124 and now I’m thinking back to 147. Mostly in heavier steel frame guns but occasionally a Glock. I do like the more mild sound of the heavier subsonic rounds.

Haha. Part of the issue was CZ barrels don’t go well with coated 147 but work great with Berrys. I’be picked up a Manson reamer and was able to very simply tweak a CZ P01 barrel for my normal rounds, it was the only 9mm that didn’t like my 124gr PD JHP reloads at 1.10”. I may venture to the others.

Anyways, just curious.

Favorite weight of 9mm bullet?



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For work 147 grains. For fun and games at USPSA matches 135 grains.
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When I was loading and shooting around 15,000 rounds a year I found that the 124gr bullet loaded well and shot great in my pistols and PCC.

Over the past year to 18 months, with my total round count going down due to health restrictions, I find myself pulling out some of the 147’s from my bullet inventory and loading those for the PCC whenever there is a steel only match. Seems the extra bullet weight helps steel fall a little easier when my shot placement is less than great.
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Have and shoot mostly 115 but love the 124 more including for carry HP's.
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I like 124s for defensive ammo, but my favorite source for coated bullets makes a better 135 (his 124s have a weird bearing surface and I haven't found them to be as accurate), so I buy those for my reloads. I've loaded thousands of them and they're fantastic.

OP, I had the same problem with my CZ...the chamber throat was very tight and necessitated deeply seated bullets or a very narrow ogive. My Barsto 9mm conversion barrel for my P229 was the the same. Very accurate, but it loved to stick bullets in the lands. The same ammo worked perfectly fine in every other 9mm gun that I own.
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I've settled on Xreme Bullets 147 RN for just about everything (all of the weapons, not all situations). 4gr of WSF makes for very pleasant shooting weapons, and the lower powder charge compared to a lighter bullet makes it less expensive per round to shoot (not that sub-10gr powder charges were making THAT much of a dent in my supply - I've got 11.5lbs of the stuff and I don't think I'm all the way through my first 1 lb jug in almost 3 years of reloading for 9mm - ideal calculations say that at my current load I should be able to get 1750 rounds per lb).

While my CZ P09 unfortunately met its end due to a squib, the gun that made me adjust my seating depth was actually my P365 (acquired after the CZ). For some reason Sig just gave that gun an insanely short throat.

I haven't played with loading JHP, but I've been meaning to and have a second seating die ready and waiting for its time so I don't have to change the stems on my RN seating die - $30 to save myself some time and frustration is well worth it in my opinion.

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Carry and shoot 115’s. However I prefer 124 and I use them for more careful plinking. I also plan to use the 124 HST once I can acquire a decent supply.

The 135 grain is an interesting option in the 9mm but I am still experimenting with it. I don’t like the 147’s, as I prefer my 9mm to be relatively speedy not subsonic.
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I have 1k of 115 FMJ for SHTF
When I carry a 9mm I use the Speer Gold Dot in 124

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My preferred weight is 147 grain. Because I've found that both my Ruger LC9S Pro and Sig P365 are regulated for a Combat Hold with 147 grain bullets. Also have a 9mm Ruger SR1911 and found it's regulated for 124 grain bullets but only shoots an inch high with the 147 grain loads so most often when I head for the range I'll be taking my 147 grain range loads.

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In a variety of 9mm handguns, 124/125 grainers, both FMJ and HP, have proved to be the most accurate...and the same is true of my own cast lead alloy bullets as well. Rod

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I generally favor the heavier bullets for any given caliber. In 9mm usually the 147 gr. As mentioned 4 gr of WSF and also CFE Pistol make soft shooting and economical loads.

My carry gun gets 147 HST factory ammo.

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