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Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.
Looking for thoughts on reloading some .223.
I have the following powders on hand:
223 CFE 1#
BL-C(2) 1#
Hodgdon H335 9#

Just want to know if any pros/cons of these.
I am going to use these sooner or later.
These are for plain ole 55gr Berry's plated bullets to shoot in a plain-jane AR and maybe out of my H&R Handi rifle. I also have 200 Winchester 55gr bullets.
I have 2, 1/12 and a 1/9 barrels. Handi is 1/12.

I am open to other powders for future recommendations, after I have tried what I have.

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I haven't tried any of those on .223 loads, but I've loaded lots of AA2230 in my 55gr practice loads for my AR and AUG. No complaints on that one. It metered very well in my Dillon and was fairly clean burning.


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I have used H335 and 223 CFE. No problems.
Varget works, too.
Have some but never tried BL-C(2).
Have used TAC with mixed results.

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I use BLC2 for all of my 5.56 fmj's. It goes through the measure on my Dillon consistently and shoots clean. I have loaded thousands of rounds with it.

I load 27.4 gns with a 55 grn fmj-bt. This load is .1 grain under max in a Hornady manual and over max in a Speer manual I looked in.

I shoot that round out of a 7 inch, 10.5 inch, 11.5 inch and 16 inch barrels and it runs great in all of my rifles. I bought a ton of it when it was cheap.

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I ran thru an 8lb can of BLC2 with 5.56. Works fine.

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Any of those can work well.
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