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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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I love this thing! I finally downloaded the app for my iPhone and using it is much easier than manipulating the buttons on the panel. I can arm, disarm, and create a new string with the app right from my phone.

I have found my routine and hardly ever get a mis-read anymore. If I do. it means I'm not paying attention and I drifted too far away from the unit. I place it 6" to the left of the muzzle. Not behind or forward, just at the same forward position as the muzzle.

Using a huge portable battery backup, I'm able to run it session after session without running out of battery.

I end up going at the beginning of the day or near closing at the range so as not to get any interference with other shooters on the line. It makes for a very quick range session.

I actually use it more now, because of the convenience. I can set up on a hot range and I don't have to strap anything to the barrel.


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I just purchased on so I could chrono loads on an indoor range and it has been awesome. I have no trouble picking up my shot with a range full of shooters.

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