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I’ve had this machine for a year now and it’s had several thousand primers through it. Well worth the money to me. While I did use it with some success with Winchester SPP, it’s a fight and I’d say it doesn’t work with brass primers. It loads Unis Ginex Nickel primers really well but not the Unis Ginex brass primers. It’s said with a little silicone spray it works but I don’t want to risk contaminating the primer and wasting them.

The good:
It’s half the cost of the Dillon.
It’s hands off compared to a Vibra-Prime.
I’ve yet to have a single upside down primer.
Much better than filling tubes manually on a flip tray.

The not so good:
It doesn’t work well with brass primers.
It’s fairly slow.
You have to have 200-300 primers in the bowl for it to work the best.
It doesn’t always load 100 primers, but pretty regularly 98-102 so it’s not a issue to me.
It’s a little noisy.
It’s only available for small primers.

Compared with the noise of the case feeder and bullet feeder, the Primer Pro isn’t too bad, it’s just a constant clack clack clack.

It’s probably only half again faster than manually filling the tubes. For me, it’s fast enough. Using a Dillon RL1100, the primer tube is refilled before I run out on the press. I’m loading manually, no auto drive. Basically, I have it so I don’t have to do it manually vs. speed.

Bottom line, I’m glad I have it and have no serious complaints other than it not working with brass primers. For the price and if you have a steady supply of nickel primers, I’d recommend it.

I am looking at getting the Dillon version to try. Because, gadgets. Haha.

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