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Originally posted by RC:

I have not been fast enough to catch up with any of the below .10 each prices these days.

Hopefully .10 each and more is not the new norm

Buying 100,000 primers in a group buy seems like it was a long time ago, just wish I had gotten a few 100,000 more at that time.

I was buying Federal Primers and was concerned about the amount of storage space I needed to have if I had bought a whole bunch of them at one time for myself.

At the time we were hooked up and they were readily available,

Oh well...

100,000 primers don't take up that much space. Look at it as 20 sleeves and you'll see you only need an area that's around 3 feet by 3 feet by 2-1/2 feet.

Originally posted by 45 Cal:
I have been running two 550 for about forty years
problems described have been non existent for me.

I'm in the same position with two Lee LoadMasters. They're a lot more reasonably priced than Big Blue, though.
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