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Drool! I'm ordering a 750 today, but I'm officially jealous of that bad boy!


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It is sweet.

It's a heavy duty machine well suited to cranking out ammo. It is costly, fully setup I'll be $2500 into it for one caliber for manual operation. It does come with the case feeder and roller handle, about $300 to buy both separate. I bought a case feeder and roller handle for the 650 to help.

I've lost track but based on bullets purchased, I've loaded about 20,000 rounds pistol on the 650. 10k plus of 9mm and the rest in 40. I started in February of 2018. It's been a great machine and I plan to keep it short term at least to see if I decide to load misc calibers like .357 and .45 Colt. My only rifle shooting is rim fires and 5.56. Lucky for me the 10mm uses the same dies and bullets at the 40, I'll just have to switch to large primers.

A couple of the biggest reasons I initially chose to buy one:
I like fancy gadgets!
I want to load lots of only 2 or 3 calibers regularly with little to no variation in recipe.

Now that I've used it, here are a few reasons I'm really happy with this press:
Priming on the down stroke, I had no idea how much better this is.
Primer seating depth adjustment. I never had an issue with the 650, just takes a good push.
Swage station, will be important for 9mm and 5.56 but also just smooths things up.

Additional bonuses and preferences:
The tool head is bigger so more space for fingers. Helpful if loading without a bullet feeder.
It ejects on the front left rather than right rear. Preference, but works better for the brass marker setup.
Steel tool head.
I like that the tool head lowers rather than raising the shell plate. Preference.
Case feed puts cases in right in front, easier to see and pluck out funky cases. Preference.
Better leverage with lighter handle effort.
It seems smoother to me with less snap to the shell plate. I trimmed the detent ball spring on the 650 and put a washer on it.

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