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I have not shopped for rifle bullets for years.
I have a large amount of Hornady bullets left over from there old free bullet promotions, I consider those bullets as a generic bullet good for general range work.

I would like to develop some loads for accuracy only.

I read that the Bergers seem to be the most expensive with Hornady almost half the price in the same caliber and weight.

Are the Berger bullets made that much more precise than the Hornady bullets?

How do the Sierra and other brand bullets compare in quality to the Berger or Hornady offerings?

If I'm going to spend the time to manufacture the ammo I would like the best quality product for the best results.
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Just casually I’m kinda a Sierra fanboy, no I didn’t compare most types in a particular firearm. I’ve just overall have had good experiences with Sierra bullets.

As we know, any certain combination can give better results in a particular gun. I get back to that average 75 yard shot at a deer with a 308, most would be just fine.

I have loaded a few Berger bullets, they seem to rate well.
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Bergers are good bullets. Get some Hornady and Sierra to try. Your rifle/load will make the decision for you.

I use Hornady in the 6.5CM and Sierra in the 308.


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Back in my F class days, I shot Sierra and Lapua in the .308 and slightly favored the Sierra.
Sierra, Hornady, Berger, and JLK in the .223. Sierra and Hornady were good to say 600 yards but I could not push them to 1000. I could the Berger and JLK, leaning toward JLK.
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When I got my 6.5CM I tried all kinds of bullets. Hornady, Sierra, Berger, even some Lapuas. MY RIFLE tends to prefer the Berger, but the difference is incremental, not glaring. The Hornady 140gr A-Max (not available anymore, I think replaced by the ELD Match) shot pretty well, the Berger 140gr VLD a little better. I've since switched from the 140gr VLD to the 140gr Hybrid Target. The Sierra 142gr SMK was about equal to the Hornady. Any of them would work about as well in a match.

In .308 I usually shot a 175gr HPBT, either the Sierra SMK or the Berger OTM. Again, the Berger shot a little better but not by a large margin.

For .223 I pretty much always use the Sierra 77gr MK, the version without a cannelure. For longer range (500yds+) matches where you load and fire only one round at a time I'll go to the 80gr MK (it won't seat deep enough fit in a magazine). I haven't found anything that shoots better than the Sierras in .223. I haven't really experimented with heavier bullets in any of the 3 calibers.

If maximum accuracy is important to you, you'll want to try several different bullets IN YOUR RIFLE and see what it likes the best. Only then can you decide whether the more expensive bullet is worth the price.
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My Cooper 22-250 is lights out with Bergers. I tried other loads that worked in other 22-250's, but the Bergers are amazing. I have thousands of Hornady .224 bullets that I keep as back-ups. My AR's do well with 77 grain Sierra's. The .308 gets Sierra 168's. My 6.5 likes the Hornady 143's. Seems to be the only rifle that I have that shoots Hornadys well. I have a box of Bergers to try just haven't got around to them yet.

Yeah, I used to have a couple of guns.
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Which cartridge?
What are your expected target distances?
What's your ballpark preferred bullet weight?
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