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I’m still happy with my Dillon Die Sets but I’ve tested and now moved to Redding Micrometer seating and crimp dies. It fits my process better and they are adjustable without wrenches. They are very nice for testing different bullet weights and profiles. While they are not 100% repeatable, for me anyway, they get close enough to record settings for the different bullets and get going again quicker.

Combined with F.W. Arms upgraded flanged die lock nuts, this will be my setup going forward.

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I have an assortment of dies, mostly, Lee, RCBS, then Hornady.

My favorite further up the scale is Redding, mostly just the standard Redding. With some I mix & match, different types, resizing, then later bullet seating. I like Lyman also.

I reload low numbers with some cartridges, 32 W8n Special, 8mm Label, 45 Colt, etc… With most of those the cheapest Lee dies are usually fine.

For high numbers, like 223, I like the Redding Carbide expander stem(or whatever it’s called).
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There are several makers of the quality dies and the micrometer adjustments on many are a pleasure to use when fine tuning. Redding’s biggest handicap is their lock ring. While the ones you link to look interesting, the “split-ring” type made by Hornady, Forster and Brownells are, in my opinion, superior to anything else out there.

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