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New to rifle cartridge reloading and am a bit stumped.
Using a case gauge I have brass that drops in a bit to far meaning the shoulder is already pushed too far back.
Will a full length sizer move it out or do I just have to load them up and fire them to stretch it out?
A lot of my brass is just range pickup, not fired out of my rifles.

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I’ll pick up brass also, some you can tell it’s kinda newer. That may be in the original box in the trash can, or bright & shiny, of the same make.

I have also left brass at the range, that I had no desire to reload. So, you never know what you may get.

Factory ammo has to fit any standard gun chamber. Reloads for a gun only really have to fit that chamber, though usually fit most others.

If the brass is good otherwise, should be fine to load it without worry. I wouldn’t be concerned about trying to extend the shoulder any.

I’m also usually a mid pressure level loader. When loading to modest pressure, one has more allowances with good safety margins.
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I only use my case gauge after resizing so a FL sizer should help get you where you want to be.
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A full length sizing die will only push the shoulder back towards the base. If you have a case where the shoulder is already further down the case than (shorter) a factory case shoulder, the only way to move the shoulder forward towards the bullet neck is to fire it.

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That, what he said there.
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