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Nice! I almost made a trip to the place 45 minutes away that had them last time I was there, but opted to get home in time for supper instead. Turns out wife and kids weren't home yet, anyway...I should have just gone.
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Originally posted by rangemaster:

They have repurposed that aisle now for archery shit.

Just awful.

Excellent description!

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Just for giggles, as I have plenty, I did some searching for CCI 300 primers. Almost everywhere is back ordered or out of stock. Those few sites that I found who had them were charging anywhere from $70-$90/1000. Eek

Almost three times what I paid for mine.


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Bullets are showing up and are around 150% of what they were pre panic.

Powder is starting to show up also, and it's around 20% more than pre panic.

Primers are for sale, and they're around 300% more than pre panic.

But, you can get all of it if you're willing to pay and put in a little time.
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Went into Sportsman's Warehouse on Sunday. The shelf row that used to be all reloading components and was changed to many many boxes of face masks, is back to reloading components. Not a ton, but it's improving. Lots of boxes of 9mm and .40 bullets (FMJ) and a little bit of rifle bullets. Plastic ammo boxes. Some brass on the opposite side, not a lot but that section has been empty for months. Still no primers or powder.
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DFW ammo in 556 308 some 9 and 22lr is coming back. Components a little slim still. Local ammo scalpers are slowing down.
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I found some powder this weekend, wsf h380 and few others but that was it. Shelves are still bare.

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Hopefully this helps, one of the largest ammo plants(maybe largest?) in the USA back open, running 24/7.

Remington seemed a bit late on a few things in the past decades, though they did miss the last 12 months. They never did capitalize on the CC market as well as others.

Yes, realizing they changed hands a few times, likely Remington in marketing name only, ‘Vista Outdoors’ now.
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