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Just some interesting data.

I’ve used these cheap Amazon Brifit digital scales for a few years now ($15ea) for rifle loading. I picked this one because it was one of the only cheap scales I could find that measured down to .01 Grains (resolution is really .02GN increments).

I’ve been loading with H4350 almost exclusively for 6mm Creedmoor. These scales will detect a single grain of H4350 trickled in and give a reading of between .02-.04 GN per kernel of powder.
I’ve known they were relatively accurate since it’s pretty easy to get single digit SD or low double digit SD loads regularly.

I have used a pair of them in sync, checking each load on both scales, to help determine if one was drifting. I found if I re-zero on the empty weighing pan each time I get the best results. The two scales are never identical but within .02 of each other usually.

I just got an A&D FX-120i that I will likely pair with an Auto Trickler in the future.

Decided to test the accuracy of these scales against the A&D.

Loaded 10 loads on the cheap BriFit scales and then measured them against the A&D.

Found that the maximum reading difference between the cheap scales and the A&D was .06 GN. That is between 2-3 kernels of H4350.

All in all, around 1/2 a tenth of a grain is excellent accuracy for $15, I probably won’t see much improvement in my loads with the expensive scale other than peace of mind until I add the Autotrickler for efficiency.

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Amazing isn't it? Your re zeroing is a smart move as the components are going to drift, and the components in a cheaper scale are going to drift more. Zeroing (using tare) fixes that problem.

I once needed a rest from working in Medical Electronic startups and spent 3 years as the Chief Engineer of the Scales division designing Postal Scales for Friden Alcatel. I designed the electronics for 6 different ones in that time and all were released to production.

A lot of scales out there are low priced and work well as long as you understand their limitations.

I use an old RCBS Partner electronic scale for a lot of my reloading and compare it to check weights on a regular basis. Works well and for $100.00 over 20 years ago, it's a bargain.
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