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quarter MOA visionary
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Or any really small pocket pistol?

I would never want to carry all the time but sometimes when you really need more concealment it might be necessary.

Now on those occasions I just carry a Ruger LCR which is pretty easy to carry.
The reasons I don't like to carry a small weapon is that they are just not as effective.
Something is better than nothing would be my philosophy even though a two shot small caliber gun wouldn't take one very far in a gunfight.

I guess a Bond Deringer or a Sig P238 or other smallish pistol could be considered.
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There are times when there is a need to carry and deep cover is necessary. Have a sturdy nylon t-shirt with reinforced pockets under each armpit. Wearing that undershirt, covered by a normal shirt, with a Colt 1903 is undetectable unless a metal detector is involved. Not a fan of the average person wanting to hug me (very attractive women excepted) but if someone comes on to me I keep my arms at my side which prevents the hugger from feeling the thin metal lump of the very slim 1903. Downside is access to the weapon is not fast, I do keep a button unbuttoned to be able to gain a quicker grip.

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for going small I have the LCP Max and a 442. Both conceal easily in pretty much any pants pocket, both superior IMO to a derringer type pistol. I don't have any, I consider them more of a novelty gun, not a viable self defense gun. A derringer could work of course, better than nothing, but I think these or similar are better choices for that purpose Just my 2 cents.
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NAA Pug in .22WMR.

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Diablo Blanco
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I am known to carry a Seecamp 32 acp quite frequently.

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Originally posted by smschulz:

I guess a Bond Deringer or a Sig P238 or other smallish pistol could be considered.
The difference in size between a P238 and a P938 is very small. I have a P938 for when I want to carry a pocket size pistol. I find it easy to shoot well.

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I have this little guy but it's not one I rely on very often.

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Buy that Classic SIG in All Stainless,
No rail wear will be painless.
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Many years ago I owned two different American Derringer M-1's.
The first one was chambered in .22 Mag rimfire.
At seven yards, it shot about 1.5 feet above point of aim.
I have a buddy that is an extremely talented TIG welder.
He laid several beads of stainless steel filler rod on top of the integral front sight blade.
I carefully filed it for width, and then went to the range and filed it for height.
When finished and with polishing, you could not tell it from factory. It did shoot exactly to point of aim.

I probably should have kept that nice American Derringer .22 Mag M-1 Derringer.

Some time after that the local gun shop had another M-1 chambered in .357 Magnum.
I had to have it!
The store owner was happy to trade me the .357 Magnum M-1 for the M-1 in .22 Mag rimfire.
Apparently, that .357 Magnum M-1 had sat in the pistol case for well over a year and nobody bought it.
He even added a free box of Winchester .357 Magnum deer hunting ammo with 180 grain JHP projectiles.
I took that brand new .357 Magnum M-1 to the range and loaded it up with the free ammo.
I put a death grip on the gun and fired the first shot.
The recoil drove the hammer spur back into the web of my hand and I bled like a stuck pig.

I do recall carrying that .357 Magnum M-1 once on a backpacking black bear hunt in the mountains as a handgun backup for a 30-06 bolt action rifle.
After that hunting trip, the .357 Mag M-1 sat in the safe and became a safe queen.
I tired of the Derringer novelty and traded it away.

If you want a Derringer for the novelty, by all means buy one if it floats your boat.
However, there are many other much more suitable very small handguns that are more effective for carry purposes.
I have looked at the Bond Arms lineup. They make one now that has minimal hand polishing/finishing. They are quite affordable.

Knowing from personal experience, and the scar on the web of my shooting hand, I would NEVER own a derringer chambered in any cartridge larger than 9mm or .38 Special.
If .22 Mag rimfire was an available chambering, that would likely be my caliber choice.

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