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Diablo Blanco
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I always carry an extra mag or reload and almost always have a Streamlight microstream USB in my pocket. As a private citizen I personally do not envision many scenarios where a weapon mounted light makes much sense. I use my flashlight many times in a given week and have been trained to use it while manipulating a handgun if needed. I couldn’t use my weapon mounted light the way I use my regular flashlight. While I never hope to be in a shooting that requires me to reload my gun, I’ve taken enough training classes and competed in enough IDPA matches to know crap happens under stress operating a mechanical device. Magazines being inadvertently dropped and various gun malfunctions are often easier resolved by having a fresh magazine at your fingertips. As one of my instructors pointed out to me, if my gun is breaking leather I’m hoping for a justified shooting as opposed to a justified shootout but I pray I never experience either.

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There are some who advocate for the WML and it's use - the result is drawing the weapon and pointing it. Was it a lethal threat situation, and by doing that, isn't it creating one?

A separate hand held light for administrative purposes and for use when the firearm is off body might be the better answer. I've used Streamlight in the AAA size for years now, currently a USB rechargeable. It's got plenty of light - more than the old incandescent double D's ever dreamed of - and carry is small and easy. I keep it clipped left side and have learned to use it that way precisely because of daily interaction. Shelves, closets, tool boxes, trunks, under hood, I could list two dozen more opportunities. Special practice time at the range isn't necessary and the learning curve is quicker.

A spare mag came to my attention when it became noted that maybe not all armed confrontatinons ended in 3 shots. Along with that was the idea that a 6 shot single stack might not be enough. I adopted carrying a spare mag altho access was limited - if you are moving AWAY from a gun fight you find cover and can change a mag more safely.

Then I moved up to a newer mini 9 with ten round mag, making 20 shots effectively one less mag change. I now clip the mag carrier to the offside back pocket as all the others are dedicated to more frequent uses.

Getting your firearms EDC integrated with other things like wallets, knives, etc takes some thought and often it can't be doubled up.I still leave the RF pocket for a clipped knife, the LF for a minimalist wallet and clipped light. When unarmed no change is needed or moving things around if a gun is carried, requiring two modes of behavior. Better to keep it KISS and not confused.
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Sigforum K9 handler
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A lot of people ask me “Hey what kind of knife is that with a flashlight in the end of it” in reference to the Surefire Stiletto that is always clipped to my pocket. I never go anywhere without it. I always have a spare magazine with me.

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650 or 1000 lumen version?

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At least two reloads, a Surefire and small Randall. The last two can be pricey.
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