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Biggest news for most will not be South Dakota and Oklahoma passed Permitless Carry but the date they take effect. Numerous reasons I haven’t posted this earlier but the dates the state changes below take effect are in the future.

South Dakota’s Governor signed Senate Bill 47 and on July 1, 2019 South Dakota will be the 11th state (Along with AK, AZ, AR, KS, ME, MS, MO, NH, VT and WV) to allow Permitless Carry for anyone who can legally possess a firearm. Three states have Permitless Carry for their residents only (ID, ND and WY) You can read at the link below.

Oklahoma’s Governor signed HB2597 and effective November 1, 2019 Oklahoma will be a permitless carry state. Oklahoma will be the 12th State to allow anyone who can legally possess a firearm to carry it concealed in Oklahoma. http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.../hB/HB2597%20ENR.PDF

Arkansas Governor has signed SB17 which cut Permit costs in Arkansas in half. $100 to $50 for initial and $50 to $25 to Renew. It becomes effect 90 days after the Arkansas Legislature adjourns which would make the effective date about Aug. 2, 2019 if they adjourn when scheduled. You can read the bill here:

Corps of Engineers - Got a letter back from my Senator concerning the Corps of Engineers and their policy on carrying concealed firearms. You can read the letter at the link below. They have not changed a thing. You have to ask the district commander for the right to carry your firearm. This was their policy before the lawsuits and remains their policy after the lawsuits. It will take congress to change it.

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Thanks again for the updates. Appreciate your contributions.


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Thank you again for the updates.
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