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In Florida we do not have to notify, if asked we must be truthful.

I never notify unless asked or if I am asked to exit the vehicle. Then I will notify prior to getting out. The few times I have notified I was never disarmed.

Our LEOs May have a different attitude about it since you can have a gun in your car without having any type of permit. As my neighbor the cop told me once, it’s Florida, I assume every car I stop has a gun in it.

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LEO in MO here.

First off we have no requirement to inform here but if asked you must be honest or risk a criminal charge.

As an officer, I 100 percent appreciate, and advocate for, informing me anyway.

In the OP, I would not have disarmed him. I won't unless I have a reason greater than simple possession of a firearm by a lawful carrier. I think that unnecessary handling of the weapon is more risky than leaving it with a lawful carrier during a "routine" (I hate that term though) stop.

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Originally posted by fredj338:
It will depend on the issuing agency but Kalif is a must announce state. Failure to announce & if reported could cost you your ccw.

Fred, has this changed recently? Can you point me to the code section? I was under the impression that was not the case. Our sheriff used to want folks to advise, but due to some issues with other agencies his current policy is, "Please tell my deputies. Use your own judgement with other agencies." (Thanks Gary!) says:

"Must Inform Officer – There is no statute stating you must have your Permit/License in your possession when carrying. recommends you always have your Permit/License with you when carrying. I have been hearing from CCW holders in CA stating that some Issuing Authorities are putting a restriction on issued Permit/Licenses that the holder must inform any Police Office that contacts them on any type of official capacity. CA law does not state you have to inform an officer on any official contact with them. If an issuing authority puts that restriction on your permit/license then you must inform."
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I have. Twice. One Miami Beach officer disarmed me (after I informed him) and ran the serial #. I asked him why he ran the numbers if I volunteered that I was carrying. No response. After writing a ticket, he handed me my gun and put my magazine in the back of my vehicle. He then asked me not to reload my weapon until he got around the corner.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Black92LX:
I have never disarmed someone legally carrying a firearm.
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Originally posted by Sigmund:

Seems that way to me. IA does not require notification, but I would do so. CCW info comes back when they run your DL so they're gonna know.

Actually, not necessarily in Iowa. There is no state database of permits that LE can query. I would imagine that many counties are like mine where permit information is part of our in-house records. If I run you and you have a permit issued in our county, I will see that (along with things like trespass warnings), but if you have a permit from any other county, I've got nothing.

I really don't care about permit status anyway and I think our dispatch makes an excessive effort to notify us if someone has a permit (to include people we are only being asked to call, people reporting crimes, people requesting vehicle unlocks, etc.) I DO like that denied permits are in our system, though. That is useful data.
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Originally posted by ulsterman:
I was handed my 2 magazines first and informed that he loaded the chambered round back in the magazine.
So, you chamber a round and don't replace that round in your mag?
Exactly what I was thinking. A round that is cleared from my pistol would not fit in the magazine. No room at the inn!

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Interesting thing - I was coming back from the store last friday, about 1/2 mile from my street, and saw a town police explorer in the shadows on the left side of the road. Shit, I’m doing 45 in a 30. Saw him pull out and do the 180, and cringe expecting to be lit up. He does, I pull off into the next available side street (was on a curvy road).

He comes up, and asks “do you know why I pulled you over?” I say, “I was going too fast” - he asks for license, registration and insurance. I pull out the license and carry permit, hand them to him, and say “Just so you know, I’m licensed and carrying”. He says “thanks, no problem”. And asks if my son is in the USMC. I say “no” - I went to USNA a long time ago (there is a sticker on my back window).

He takes my stuff back to the cruiser for a while, then comes back and tells me they are running speed enforcement, he’s giving me a warning, and please keep it down.

I agree, breathe sigh of relief, and take my groceries home.

Not sure of the moral of the story. Being local, polite, informing him I was carrying, and being a veteran (I think he was too) may have all been factors.

I’ll continue to inform if and when I’m pulled over.

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I just had my CCW license renewed last month, I live in Ohio, the deputy told me that when they get the info on the plate it states if the title holder has a CCW license. I've been pulled over in Oh and WV, and they didn't seem to care that I had a handgun, both just told me to keep my hands on the steering wheel.
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As a preface: we have no duty to inform in my state.

In the past, I've had a tendency towards a lead foot. That, and not being great about keeping up on having my tabs updated on time has resulted in a number of stops in the last five years. All while carrying.

I wait for the officer to say hello, etc, and when it's my turn to speak, I have always said "Good (time of day), officer! Before we proceed, I just wanted to inform you that I have a concealed carry permit, and that I am carrying today. How would you like to proceed?"

Response has varied. One state trooper going to lawman ready on his own pistol and instructing me to present my license, which turned into a very slow, protracted affair where I unbuckled, rolled my right hip into clear view so I could get to my wallet in my back right pocket, all the while moving as slowly and smoothly as possible. He appreciated it, and told me that was the best way he's seen it handled.

A Tacoma PD guy who got me for expired tabs asked where the pistol was, and I informed him it was tucked under my right thigh. "Where's your wallet?" Back right pocket. "Well, that complicates things a little. Please exit the vehicle, sir." Left the Glock on the seat, being escorted out the same way the OP was. It got left there. "Is it loaded?" I told him there was a loaded magazine and it wasn't chambered. He ran my info, asked why I was nervous, did I have a bad interaction telling an LEO I was carrying? I told him about the prior stop the day before (paragraph above) where I got zipped for the same thing. He confirmed all that, and my CPL with dispatch (that era of state license wasn't issued with lamination and he was suspicious of the lamination I had done by a UPS store to keep it from falling apart). I checked out and he let me go, but asked why I was carrying that way without a holster. "I can't carry at work, and it's Tacoma, so, when I get to the car, I just tuck it and drive home." He suggested I carry it holstered.

I've had a few officers respond with "That's fine, you don't show me your's and I won't show you mine." That one usually bodes well: sense of humor and respect go a long way to diffusing the stress of these kinds of stops.

The last stop was in downtown Tacoma for, yep, expired tabs, again. Bike cop was wrapping up a stop when I approached the intersection and got a red light. I stopped, and he pulled in behind me to get going. I just went ahead and immediately put on my turn signal for where there was no turn, to pull over. His lights went on a second later. "Good afternoon, sir, I'm ______ with Tacoma PD, do you know why I pulled you over this afternoon?" "Yeah, my tabs are up. Hey, before we go any further, sir.... _________"

Each of those three, I was let go with a warning to get my stuff fixed, and did. I wasn't disarmed, I didn't have anyone ask to touch the gun or any of that.

The only guy who was even remotely snippy with me was snippy with me because he was in an unmarked car headed home on the interstate to catch his son's baseball game when I "cut off" the lady in front of him and then "went racing down the interstate." What happened was I had my signal on and plenty of room to get over, and when she saw the signal, she accelerated to close the gap so I couldn't get in. Not digging that, I took the gap, accelerated and then moved over a lane. Next thing I know, a dude in a grey Charger has raced up next to me in the left lane and is giving me this "I fucking hate you" face. So I decided to get away from him, stepped on it to 75 and moved over to the second lane from the right. Somewhere in there, I think I hear a brief "whoop!" of a siren, so I kill the radio and crack the windows and drop it down to 70. Now Mr. Mean Mug is on my ass and closing, so I take it back up to 75. And then his car turned into red and blue lights. "Fuuuuuuck me." I pulled over, and he wound up stopping about a hundred yards ahead of me, angrily waving me up. I slowly roll up with all windows down, and start to tell him my spiel, which he cuts off with an angry version of the "that's great, don't touch your's and I won't touch mine!" I decided against trying to explain that I thought he was a road rager following me whom I was trying to get away from, told him I had no excuse for my driving, and took his angry ration of shit. Handed over all my documents, and sat for more shit rationing, everything he could have written me for. "I've already got you for speeding 15 over, reckless endangerment 2nd degree, we're looking at $700 or so in tickets right there, and that's before I even get back to my cruiser. Is there anything you want to say before I head back to my car and write all this up?"

"I'm sorry I made you late to your boy's ball game, sir."

He paused, then flipped my documents at me and said "next time I see you driving like that, I'm writing you for everything" and stalked off.

So basically, it's very, very, very possible to get pulled over while carrying and not have the police shoot you. Like, even when they're personally, hopping-pissed-off at you. I would even hazard to say that I was in little or no danger of being shot in any of those encounters. Be polite, be honest, pose no threat. That's how you don't get shot by the police.

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In my job, I meet a lot of different people in all sorts of life.

One customer, former Rhode Island State Police chief said he would like the person being stopped to hand over a CCW license with you drivers license as a courtesy to the trooper. At that point the Trooper would advise the motorist how to continue.

If for some reason you have to get out of your car, at least they now know you have a weapon and the stress factor is reduced. If you get out for some reason without informing them, and they pat you down, and find a pistol it is a whole new ballgame.

I will show my CCW when I get stopped. No worries.

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In Pennsylvania when a officer runs your driver license your ccw info will come up that you have a ccw permit and maybe carrying.

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I would think it's the people who carry without the benefit of a CCW permit are the ones to be concerned about not the CCW holder who has gone through a background check. In my opinion, an LEO that disarms a CCW holder simply because they can is not using good judgment. I am not altogether unsympathetic to an LEO as I used to be one but it just seems like there are better things to do than disarm a CCW holder during a traffic stop.
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You can't just paint a broad picture of those that have a permit. Even those that have gone through the background can still be bad.

Perfect example. It's been just over ten years now since a CCW holder murdered Officer Josh Miktarian. Over a year earlier, our department arrested the killer for something else and took his weapon and permit. A judge eventually made us give them back to him and expunge the incident. Less than a year later, he uses it to murder the officer. He runs to his sister's house in our city and we get there to arrest him and he fights with us and tries to get back to the gun he left on the stove. It took everything we had not to kill him even though he was probably going to try and kill us too.

So not all permit holders are on the up and up.

Anyways, back on topic. I don't normally disarm permit holders unless they are drunk or incapacitated (i.e. from a crash maybe?)

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Originally posted by ChicagoSigMan:
The trunk thing is dual purpose....he doesn't want you handling the gun in his presence...and he also gets a free look in your trunk without probable cause. Clever.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'd wonder the legitimacy of such a request. And... I don't know that I'd pop the trunk while sitting in the car without being at the rear of the vehicle.
I've never heard of an officer asking to have someone pop their trunk to separate the mag from the firearm with a licensee.

I'd be interested to read any LEO's that have.

I'd reason that the safest place for the firearm is in the holster.
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I only took a handgun off a legally carry person 3 or 4 times in 40 years. You act like an adult, I'll treat you like an adult. I usually asked if they were carrying good defensive ammo.

When I've been pulled over and had to inform, not once was the handgun taken from me.

Most cops aren't gun guys. A unfamiliar handgun in the hands of someone is a recipe for disaster.
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Originally posted by KevinCW:
LEO in MO here.

First off we have no requirement to inform here but if asked you must be honest or risk a criminal charge.

As an officer, I 100 percent appreciate, and advocate for, informing me anyway.

In the OP, I would not have disarmed him. I won't unless I have a reason greater than simple possession of a firearm by a lawful carrier. I think that unnecessary handling of the weapon is more risky than leaving it with a lawful carrier during a "routine" (I hate that term though) stop.

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my Daughter was pulled over yesterday for running a stop sign. When the officer got to the car she immediately informed him she was lawfully carrying. He thanked her for telling him and told her to leave it were it is. After he ran her info he gave her a warning for the stop sign. I think because she informed him he gave her slack. This is a don’t have to tell state. I’ve told her since she got the carry permit to always tell she is carrying. Not only the right thing but also the safe thing to do.
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I was pulled over by a state trooper tonight. I told him I was armed and asked before I moved for paperwork, license, etc. His reply was “don’t touch your gun and I won’t touch mine.” It was one of the best interactions I’ve ever had with a LEO. Very chatty, friendly guy. We talked guns for 15min and I was on my way with a warning!

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How can an LEO pulling YOU over and running the tag on The Car know that it is your vehicle until they see your license and run it?..... the assumption on these threads is that if you are a CWP holder you only drive the vehicles registered to you and no one else drives them....
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Here in PA, it's not required and I have not notified the officer the one and only time I was pulled over while carrying, which was at like 1 am after coming home from a late movie and he was out fishing for DUI's.

Originally posted by 808:
In Pennsylvania when a officer runs your driver license your ccw info will come up that you have a ccw permit and maybe carrying.

You sure about that? I've never heard that one before. The PA LTCF is a county-issued thing, they are linking that to PA DMV?

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