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Originally posted by tweedcab:
I am in PA. There is no need to inform, and I would be surprised that in any state which issues permits the LE doesn't know, simply by running your license, whether or not you have a permit. If you do have one, they should ask if you are carrying. Earlier in the year I was pulled over for speeding and the officer said he noticed I have a permit to carry, and asked if I was. I said yes, Officer, on my right hip at 4 o'clock, I'll keep my hands up here on the wheel. That was it. I understand it is a law to inform in some states, but wtf, that could really come across wrong depending on how you say it. Also, why hand your permit over when I would hope that by virtue of your state issued DL they will know that immediately. What does handing the permit over actually accomplish?

In FL our carry permits are not linked to the driver license database so LEOs running your plate or your DL will not get any information about a carry permit. This was set up intentionally and is why the permitting process is run by the dept of agriculture.

Also, we do not have a duty to inform so people who choose to inform will usually hand the officer their carry permit with their DL rather then just saying “I've got a gun”. Having the carry permit may reassure the officer that you are not just another Florida man with a gun in your car (which is also legal without a carry permit).

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We're only required to notify the officer if he asks and that's what I'll do if I ever get stopped.

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