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Usually after 200 fmj rounds and a 50 rd box of holler points I’d consider it reliable

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One box of Speer gold dots. (50)
When I went to a G19 from a Khar 9.
I had shot Glocks for years but never carried one for EDC. Once I saw the HP ammo would feed with no problem, I went with it.

It didn’t hurt that the range master had given me the box of ammo either.

But I did carry a 5 shot revolver on an ankle holster for a BUG, when I was a cop and I only ran two cylinders thru it before I qualified with it…so technically it was 50 rnds for the qual but only 10 rounds for the test.

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It use to be 500 ball and 100 carry but the times lately have made me re-evaluate that.

The last 2 new carry guns I bought were a Wilson Combat Beretta 92 and a Shadow Systems MR920. Both got 200rds of ball ammo and 50 of carry ammo and at that point I'm ok with carrying them.

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I currently look to run 3 mags through with a combination of ball and hollow point/hunting ammo. My assumption is with modern manufacturing processes and buying a firearm from a reputable manufacturer that a limited number of rounds to prove that it does what it should with a few different mags and ammo brands is all that is required.

Has any manufacturer or any .gov organization ever conducted a study to see if there is a number of rounds that is associated with flushing out a “bad” gun?

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I’m new here but I just went and put 3 boxes of various ammo and a mag of HST in my latest purchase and I feel confident in its ability to perform.
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At least 200 rounds if it’s for CCW.
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Evidently, about 100 rounds for my new duty gun Red Face

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Originally posted by jljones:
There is no “new normal”. I won’t shoot less even if it costs more. I buy cheap and stack deep. I shoot a lot and it’s what I do.

Same here! I’m shooting more than before, time has always been the biggest obstacle to my shooting.

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