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Anyone have an in at Safariland that can find out if they have any plans to make a holster for the M18 or the P320 carr with a RDS on it? I have an ALS holster for my P365 and my old M&P9 and I love the ALS system. Very disappointed that they don't have one for the M18. I sent them an email to see if it's on their roadmap but haven't heard back yet.
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Safariland has a few different options for ALS holsters with a M18/P320C with a RDS, but they're primarily duty-style holsters intended for duty belts, like the 6360RDS, 6365RDS, 6392RDS, 6395RDS, 7360RDS, 7365RDS, etc.

They do offer some holsters for the P320C/M18 with RDS for standard pants belts, but they're only available in light-bearing models. These include the 6376RDS, 6377RDS, 6378RDS, 7376RDS, 7377RDS, and 7378RDS. (And even then, they're far from concealment holsters, being too large and bulky to conceal under anything but a large jacket.)
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