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Anyone else experience this?
I usually carry a g19 or g34, sometimes a beretta 92 and have no trouble carrying iwb. I tried a xds and shield in the same style holster and it's far less comfortable and seem to print more.
It must be my body shape but the shorter sub compacts hit a nerve making it less comfortable and they don't seem to anchor as securely. The g19 and larger pistols have more surface area to distribute the weight/bulk and go further down my hip which seems to push the grip tighter to the body.
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I’m with you. Thanks to IWB holsters, I have no problem carrying and concealing a full-size 1911 (much less a Commander or CCO-sized variant). For me, there’s just not a compelling reason to carry something smaller. (Granted, I DO carry something smaller, an Airweight J-Frame S&W stubby, in a pocket holster as a back-up).

My favorite IWB holster is the Milt Sparks Summer Special 2, closely-followed by their Versa-Max 2. I haven’t tried many others, but there appears to be a plethora of very good options out there.

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my glock 17 iwb doesn't print as bad as my shield. I just figured it was the love handles in the way.
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I feel the same way and usually carry a 1911 or sig 228. I do on occasion carry my ppk/s but much prefer a larger weapon and have no issue concealing even a 226 or fs 1911. I also prefer the SS2.

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Like others here, I typically carry a full sized 1911. A P226 in 9mm when I'm in areas where there may be more participants at the party (always bring enough party favors). The disclaimer being in AZ, I don't care much if I print or not, but I typically don't. Must be my tall lanky frame that allows it. The 1911 usually wins out though. I like the ability to pistol whip a brain trust if the opportunity presents itself.

Have taken to carrying a G30. Don't know why, because I don't like Glocks much. But they are so darn reliable and utilitarian. Have a G26 for those times when you absolutely positively are told 'no firearms'. Yeah, okay cowboy. Like your sign. And oddly, it's the most accurate pistol I own.
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I've been carrying a G19 every day for several years now, every waking moment I'm not in bed. Stealthgear Onyx holster, even with gymn shorts or house pants when lounging around at home. I'm a bit chubby for appendix carry, but at about 2:30 on the belt, nothing shows. Two 17+2's on the other side even out the chubby look and nobody bats an eye.

Before that, it was the P220 or P229, and they printed a bit more. When I switched to Glock, I was amazed at how well they disappear under clothing compared to my Sigs for all the derision they get for being the "Block" or "2x4."

Haven't carried a 1911 IWB, but often "upgrade" to my G17 in winter months. Nobody sees it, or if they do, they don't say.

Have a G42 I bought for summer carry and did so until the Bataclan nightclub shooting and decided that I was giving up a fair amount of firepower for negligible gains in concealability. Now it's the 19 every day, all day, because I can. It's not tiny, it's the right size.

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Yes. Behind the hip, some longer weapons bridge-over a gap, where a shorter weapon will poke its nose into that gap, and jab me. Forward of the hip, if a weapon is too short, it is less stable than a longer weapon, though of course, there is a limit to what I can carry, and still be able to sit down.

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Call me crazy but when authorized (for over 20+ years), I always opted to carry my Sig P220 over approved Glocks, primarily for the round but I did find the full size P220 more comfortable. I believe the broader frame made for a better weight distribution. The full size single stack was perceived better, more comfortable than the double stack 228, 226 or Glocks. And after a back injury, the 5 Shot Leather SME AIWB (for the P220)was a "back saver!" I was committed to the platform; worked great for my body type; I carried for some long 20 hour days, seated, standing, driving etc,. Would still be my first choice today if officially authorized. I'll probably resume when I retire.

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The little guns that I like so well, with the two fingered grip, just don’t seem to work for me anymore. Guess I’ve lost some strength in my hands, and after a couple shots, I have to readjust my grip because the gun moves around.

Now my carry is a 229, or a 2022, in a Grizzle IWB, and one of his belts. The larger guns work better for me, and I don’t have any problem concealing them.
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I carry a P226 IWB most of the time. Really is no harder to conceal than my G19 and the extra length balances well for me.
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I carry an HK VP9 for the time being and have no issues with printing. Come summer I may have to go back to a Shield but for now I like the 15 + 1 and a full size grip.

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I think there are times when one would much rather have the ability to fire a full sized round than a 380.
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I just picked up a p320 carry and compared to the 92fs ive been carrrying, this thing is a lightweight.
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I find a larger sized pistol may be more stable with iwb carry which is my preference. A smaller pistol carried in the same manner tends to roll over when seated which occurs with several different manufacturers of holsters I've tried.

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No full sized pistols for me. I like my SIG P938.

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Carried a Shield 9mm for a while. The carry and concealment part of it was great...small, light, etc! The problem was drawing it from IWB. I didn't feel 100% secure that I could draw it quickly and smoothly enough with the short grip, no mag extension. Figured if I have to use the extended mag might as well go back to my Glock 19. Nice gun, but sold it and the Glock 19 is back on EDC duty.
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I agree. Those little guns are nice to carry but when I need a gun, I want a gun. In a decent caliber. I see guys buying a G43 and then adding 2 or 3 round extensions. What's the point ? Might as well carry a G19 or at least a 26. The smallest I will go is a Sig 239.
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Carry, yes, conceal, no. Though I can carry a G19 or XD45c or my 1911pd IWB under an untucked polo & be good to go.

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Originally posted by prairieviper:
No full sized pistols for me. I like my SIG P938.

I'm with you brother all the way. 16.2 oz of all metal doesn't weigh me down like 28 oz. does.
7+1 of 9mm and a spare mag in my pocket and I forget it's there. I feel well equipped to handle what ever comes my way. So for me it's a p938.
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My most carried gun is the P938. It just disappears in my front pocket.

When I want something “more”, I go to the P30SK or P320 X-Carry for IWB carry. If I will be wearing a long enough cover garment, I’ll carry full size 1911, P30L, or P226 OWB as the full size guns aren’t comfortable for me to carry IWB.

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