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Nevada has now added Florida back on the list of states it honors. They removed them just about a year ago. As you can see by the link below their list was updated 1 Apr. 2022 and the only difference was Florida added to the list
Colorado – Effective Immediately on the Governor’s Signature of HB 22-1086. Colorado now bans the OPEN CARRYING of firearms in or near a polling place, drop box location and in a vote counting facility while votes are being cast or counted. You can read the bill at

Georgia – NOT SIGNED BY GOVERNOR YET!!! The bill has passed the legislature and has been or will be sent to the governor soon. The Governor has stated publically that he will sign it. It will go into effect IMMEDIATELY when he does sign it. will take a few days to get updated when he does sign it as there is a lot of pages that have to be updated with this info. The bill states If you are 21 years of age or older or 18 and Active Military/Honorably Discharged Veteran who can legally posses a firearm by state and federal law you can carry in Georgia without a permit/license. As in any Permitless Carry state you should carry your state issued ID and if military your military ID or discharge papers. This bill also changed their law and they will honor all other states permits which really doesn’t make any difference. You should read the bill.

Refresher. Ohio and June 13, Permitless Carry 2022 Indiana Permitless July 1, 2022 and Alabama January 1, 2023. Which brings the total of Permitless carry states to 25 at the beginning of the New Year. North Dakota is the only Permitless Carry state that only allows for its residents to carry without a permit/license. Nebraska still has a bill that may become law making 26 states. We should know shortly on Nebraska. keeps a listing of all the states that have Permitless Carry in a separate document. You can view this listing at
A disclaimer on listing my own site. We make no money from and have no ads. The site is free to all. We do what we do as our small part in supporting the “Right to Keep and Bears Arms!” will be updated with this change is who Nevada honors late this evening or early tomorrow.

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Thanks for the Colorado update.

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