Chest Holsters and Backpacking - UPDATE: First trip review Page 3

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November 19, 2021, 03:21 AM
Chest Holsters and Backpacking - UPDATE: First trip review Page 3
It may be that my bag isn't's just a cheap Kelty, and it's pretty big, so there is some air gap and YMMV, especially with a tighter -fitting bag...but mine is definitely warmer with layers on. Personal experience has proven this on multiple occasions.

There are a couple of caveats to this...the layers have to be dry, and not so warm that you initially sweat, get damp, then freeze after the temperature drops later in the night.

I did a couple trips early on in my hiking career wearing cotton. That's no bueno. You sweat during the day, never truly dry out, then freeze at night. Everything I wear hiking is now synthetic or wool. It wicks moisture, dries quickly, is way smaller and lighter to carry, and the socks have done wonders for my feet. It takes some gnarly terrain and serious miles to give me blisters these days.

When it's cold out I bring a set of synthetic thermals just to sleep in. They only get worn at night, so they provide a nice dry base layer to stack other stuff on top of if needed. This has worked pretty well for me, but YMMV depending on your gear and environment.
November 22, 2021, 01:19 PM
Well, I was browsing the HPG site last night, and it looks like they've just added a new product...a kit bag in "Medium" size. Dammit...I can't afford one right at the moment...but I may have to get one of these eventually. Looks like it would be just about the perfect size for hiking and kayak fishing, and I could keep using the little one for running.
November 23, 2021, 04:27 AM
I was looking around the other week & ended up ordering the Helikon-Tex Numbat chest pack. It’s often compared to the HPG chest pack.

I think it may ship from Poland, if it matters. I see the HPG packs get great reviews, may try one too. I have a later muzzle-loader deer hunt planned, may be a good time to try it out the chest pack.
November 24, 2021, 01:10 AM
That thing is cool...I like the flap-covered front pockets that look like you don't have to unzip to grab small items out of them. That would be a handy feature. The price point is pretty decent, too. It doesn't appear to be designed around holding a weapon as much the HPG stuff, but I'm sure you could make it work.
November 24, 2021, 03:55 AM
Yes, may be a bit smaller than the average HPG. I’m usually a minimalist anyway, so that may be ok.

With packs & fannies it can ‘scream’ gun to some people. If conditions allow, I like the idea of maybe carrying the gun elsewhere, belt holster, whatever. Those conditions could be, cooler weather, with jacket.
December 30, 2021, 02:16 PM
A solution to this question was something I've been looking for to hike with my kid in a carrier backpack.

I ended up choosing the 5.11 All Missions Rig and 2 Banger pouch. I like how low profile the rig is, especially under a set of backpack straps. I was also able to adjust it so it sits comfortably on the chest and just under the sternum strap.

I also liked that I could put it together for about $80 during one of their regular sales.

Usually theres a 19 in there, but I had the 48 out for another photo, so it's playing the stunt role.
December 30, 2021, 04:55 PM
Nice! Looks very similar in concept to the HPG bags, but more of a modular system. Have you used it on any hikes yet? If so, how did it do?
December 30, 2021, 06:23 PM
Originally posted by 92fstech:
Nice! Looks very similar in concept to the HPG bags, but more of a modular system. Have you used it on any hikes yet? If so, how did it do?

Just got it last week. Around the house only so far to get everything adjusted, but it seems good to go. Hoping I'll get a chance to take it further this weekend.
December 30, 2021, 06:38 PM

Here's my poor attempt at a selfie with the Osprey Poco kid carrier on. I really like that the harness for the 5.11 rig is super thin and a single layer on the top/back. Some of the other ones I looked at had the straps looping back, or had buckles under the pack straps. You don't notice this at all under backpack straps.

I'm a pretty big dude (6'3" 300), so the rig looks small on me.
December 30, 2021, 08:35 PM
Seems to fit pretty good! I think you'll find that it balances out the weight pretty well on the trail, especially with a kid on your back. I wore mine with a 2.5lb stainless steel L-Frame revolver in it on a 2 day hike this fall, and paired with a 25-30lb pack, I barely noticed it. It's super handy to have access to stuff like maps and my CGM reader up front, too, without having to take the pack off.

I'm in southern AL this week, and I've been running with it daily in the state park across the street from our condo. It's kinda warm here (not so much by their standards, but for an Indiana boy in late's warm). I definitely sweat under the harness, but not much worse than the rest of me...and it's nice to have some stuff with me on my run that I really couldn't carry any other way.

I'm hoping to do another kayak fishing trip next spring...I think this thing will make a night and day difference over the last trip...being able to access gear up front, and secure my phone somewhere that I won't have to worry about it slipping out of the mesh pocket of my shorts into the lake. The only downside is that the fish stories will actually have pictures to go with them this time, so they'll have to be true Big Grin.